Fundraising in the Face of an Uncertain Tomorrow

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You are dealing with a lot right now as you make decisions about how to keep your pregnancy center or pro-life organization running. Daily you are measuring the risks of both staying open and closing - knowing lives could be deeply impacted either way. In addition, you were likely well into planning your spring fundraising event or campaign. You had plans for those funds to carry you through a lean summer. Are you wondering what to do next?

It seems hard to believe that just weeks ago, life seemed “normal” and the coronavirus was a news headline taking place in other nations. Video clips showed outdoor markets in China, lots of people wearing masks and reports told stories of people who had been stuck inside for a while. For most of us, we never could have dreamed how radically life would change in just weeks.

In the midst of how everything has changed, we encourage you - do not give up hope. You can still raise funds in the midst of this crisis. In this FREE guide, we will show you where to look for funding, how to develop a solid plan and how to walk through challenging economic times with confidence.