How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Broadcast

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You have big dreams for your center, big hopes for your clients and big needs for funding. You know that the key to successful fundraising is taking every opportunity to personally connect with your donors to make this all possible. But you are so busy on any given day as you support staff and volunteers, provide life-changing services to your clients, and run a busy center on a budget.  

Many of your supporters spend time on Facebook every day. How can you use this powerful social media platform to personally reach them? Facebook Live is the perfect tool to connect with lots of possible donors in a short amount of time, allowing you to bring the life-saving work of your center right into their homes. This week's FREE guide breaks down the most essential components of a successful Facebook Live broadcast that ultimately results in increased awareness and donations.

Our guide for how to use Facebook Live to connect with your donors is now available! Grab your copy today.

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