Video: Why Marketing Matters

The internet has changed everything about how you run your pregnancy center. You know that every day, women in your community open Google on their phones to search for solutions to their unplanned pregnancies.

Are they finding you first?

Without intentional, strategic effort on your part, their searches will be met by abortion clinics seeking to profit from women’s perceived crises.

Marketing your services and reaching HER can mean the difference between life and death for her baby … especially in an age where demand for the abortion pill and easy access to medication abortion has grown substantially.

Sometimes communicating with your board about how important marketing is can be a challenge. It is their responsibility to oversee and care about the resources of your center and steward them well. They may often see the costs of the investment and don’t understand the necessity of marketing online to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

This week’s FREE video will help you communicate the need for strategic marketing. Please feel free to share this with your board and key supporters to help them understand how essential marketing is to reach women in this digital age.


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