Pivoting After COVID-19 for Increased Donor Engagement

I’m sure you are looking forward to getting back to normal. All of us are wondering what “normal” will look like. We long for the days before the pandemic, social distancing, and the challenge of finding toilet paper, sanitizer, and the masks you needed to meet with your clients.

At the same time, we encourage you to look ahead with hope and anticipation of the new normal and the blessings in store. Through every trial, we learn so much. At Choose Life Marketing, we have seen positives come out of this huge challenge for centers across the country. Mainly, we have seen incredible strength in all of you – you were tenacious in staying open and serving clients, you endured much hardship juggling protecting your staff, maintaining your finances and still meeting client needs. You have come out so strong – with new practices that will help you engage more with both Gen Z and your supporters.

Last week we discussed ways pregnancy centers all over America are pivoting to adjust to changes brought about by COVID-19. Changes such as being more strategic with marketing and looking at best practices as you minister to those you serve. In this week’s guide, we discuss ways you can pivot to keep your donors engaged, inspired, and active in the life of your pregnancy center.


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