Account Executive

Columbia, MO

That is Alison with one “l.” The elusive “l” makes her unique and fascinating. From promoting midwifery as a teen to working for Choose Life Marketing, Alison deeply cares about women. She holds a Post-Abortive Healing Certificate and a Trauma-Informed Care Certificate. Alison ranks high for positivity and loves bringing people together and building community.

As an Account Executive, Alison enjoys connecting with our clients and finding solutions to strengthen their businesses. She is a “people person.” In addition to her other certifications, Alison is certified in Google Ads Display, Search and Video, inbound marketing, and sales. 

Last but not least, Alison is all about babies. She has a unique passion for odd numbers too. Why, you ask? One only needs to look at the ages of her 5 children to figure out …1,3,5,7 and 9. Between raising kids, loving people, and business-building, Alison is a vital member of our team, especially without that extra “l.” 

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