Senior Graphic Designer

Bill spends his days shaping design elements into a satisfying final piece, and uses his passion for storytelling to help organizations tell their narratives in a visual way. He is passionate about the power of the little things, which he believes make all the difference in life and work.

Bill graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and an emphasis in graphic design. Before joining the Choose Life team, he did some part-time freelance design work, made books for aspiring authors, and interned at a church in Austin, TX. He also interned with the Attorney General of Missouri for several months. Bill thrives on the happy exhaustion he experiences at the end of the day, which results from trying his best while doing work that he loves.

For fun, Bill enjoys sitting in a coffee shop for hours with a good book, as well as running, movies, and dogs. His immediate goals involve being challenged, growing in his character, and strengthening professionally in his craft. Bill is awesome because he believes in doing his best when nobody is watching—and putting others first.

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