Regional Development Executive

Fayetteville, AR

Jess is a digital marketing whiz on the regional development team. He thrives on the ever-changing, ever-challenging aspects of digital marketing. As he himself says, he “can find the holes in the boat.” In other words, Jess can look at a client’s marketing plan and find where it needs to be refined. He is always looking for new challenges to take on.

Jess sees the need to reach and speak for a younger generation. He looks for strategic ways to show empathy and inclusion in areas such as social media and content. Because of this desire, he’s been instrumental in building initiatives that reach new generations.

Jess and his wife Audrey live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He’s a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, is NOT a fan of Starbucks coffee, and loves spending time with his Goldendoodle, Valley. We love the enthusiasm Jess brings to the team and Choose Life Marketing as a whole.

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