Senior Graphic Designer

Mount Holly Springs, PA

Getting in trouble for doodling and passing notes to high school friends was Leah’s cue to her graphic design destiny. From co-editing her high school yearbook to finishing her MBA, she has had one success after another. Her job titles have included Lead Designer, Jr. Art Director, Graphics and Communications Director, and Communications Manager.

Leah says she’s always been a Designer “Plus.” Graphic design plus customer service, plus client management, plus publishing, and so on. She is a dedicated team player in building a client’s vision but ready to singularly dive into the details to bring the concept to life. 

If you’re wondering if her hair is naturally that curly, it is. Leah hints that if she owned a dog, it would be a poodle (it’s a hair thing). She enjoys roller skating, yet we worry. You see, as a child, Leah ran to the family minivan while visiting her sister in the hospital. She tripped and fell, breaking two bones in her left arm. Broken arm bones aren’t good for the Senior Graphic Designer. If you talk to her, encourage her to take up crocheting instead!

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