Content Marketing Manager

Marcie is a maximizer! As the Content Marketing Manager, she knows how to maximize the work of the content team. Whether offering writing advice, social media wisdom, or website tips, Marcie keeps the team energized. It is not uncommon for her to be tackling a myriad of activities all at once. 

She has years of experience working with pregnancy centers. Marcie served as the Digital Marketing Director for Life Network in Colorado Springs and Communications Director at Save The Storks. Because of her first-hand knowledge, she truly understands a center’s operating procedures, their need for exceptional marketing, and the hearts of staff and clients. 

When she isn’t conquering the world of content strategy, Marcie spends her time watching college football, visiting new places, and going on hikes. She also loves indoor adventures, often getting lost in a good book. Fueled by passion, Marcie brings maximum effort to Choose Life Marketing, and we all benefit from it.

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