The state of Missouri requested proposals to market and raise awareness for their Alternatives to Abortion (the Missouri A2A program).

While their program had existed, they knew they needed help reaching abortion-vulnerable women—women who would parent if only they had the resources and support to make it possible. By effectively reaching these women, they knew they could provide more services and resources to those who needed them the most.

In addition to raising awareness, the evolving digital and political landscape led to increased Big Tech censorship and advertising disapproval. They needed an agency that knew how to navigate Big Tech’s rules to get ads out to the women of Missouri.

Selecting Choose Life Marketing

The state of Missouri selected Choose Life Marketing as the market leader in pregnancy center and pro-life marketing. 

As a seasoned digital advertising expert, Choose Life Marketing understood the nuances of gaining Big Tech ad approval to ensure Missouri A2A could successfully reach women in need of alternatives. 

Solutions and Services

Choose Life Marketing proposed the following solutions and services to ensure the Missouri A2A Program could reach and exceed its marketing goals.

    • A Custom Website to help women locate resources and support
    • Art Direction & Graphic Design to resonate with women
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve their new website’s visibility
    • Blogging to aid with SEO and appear in more search results
    • Digital Advertising: Including Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, YouTube, and others
    • Google Advertising: Including display ads through virtual geofencing
    • Video Production to create engaging ads and content
    • Social Media Management to reach women where they spend their time
    • Anti-Blocking Efforts to break through Big Tech censorship

The Results

The marketing results of Missouri’s A2A program have been impressive, if not phenomenal. Between September 2023 and November 2023, CLM achieved the following results.


Facebook Ads: MO A2A reached 84,107 users, achieved 780,000 impressions, and 19,331 clicks in total. Overall, their click-through rate is 2.48%.

Instagram Ads: MO A2A reached 284,000 users and achieved 430,000 impressions.

Snapchat Ads: MO A2A achieved 6,055 swipe-ups and 413,000 impressions. The swipe-up percentage is 1.47%.

Spotify Ads: MO A2A reached 154,000 users and achieved 366,000 impressions. 94.79% of the users who heard the ads listened through completion.

YouTube Ads: MO A2A YouTube video ads achieved 105,000 views and 336,000 impressions. The most viewers (31,100) were ages 18-24, followed by 26,674 views by those ages 24-34. The viewer demographics are significant due to the client’s goal of reaching pregnancy-aged women in Missouri.

Virtual Geofencing: The ads were seen 2.58 million times over the first three months and drove 17,842 clicks.


Search Engine Optimization is a form of organic marketing, which means it takes time to build. According to Google Search Console, there was a 6.82% click-through rate in the first three months.

It’s Only the Beginning.

While the results of Missouri’s Alternatives to Abortion Program have been impressive in only the first three months, we expect to continue to improve our results through our hands-on management approach. 

We gain insights from the data and implement our findings for even better results every month.


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