Marketing Services for Pro-Life Organizations

Choose Life Marketing is passionate about helping any business or organization with pro-life values. Whether your goal is to inform, sell, raise funds or something else, our team of digital marketing specialists can create an action plan to help advance your organization.

What Kinds of Pro-Life Organizations Do You Work With?

Choose Life Marketing will partner with any businesses, programs, and organizations with a pro-life mission or values, including:

  • Maternity homes
  • Adoption agencies
  • Pregnancy resource centers
  • Businesses with a pro-life mission
  • Ministries and church organizations
  • and more!

How Can Choose Life Marketing Help My Pro-Life Organization?

Choose Life Marketing has an understanding of your ultimate mission because we share it: reaching more women with a message of hope, and saving more lives from abortion. Our team will sit down with you and listen to your goals, obtain information about your target audience, and recommend strategies to help you further your reach and gain more attendees, supporters, clients, and more. Choose Life Marketing has the experienced specialists and the effective strategies to bring you closer to your goals.

What Services Do You Offer Pro-Life Organizations?

Choose Life Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that helps businesses, organizations and programs meet goals like the following:


If your organization is dependent on donations, Choose Life Marketing can help you reach more donors, foster the relationship you have with current donors, and create campaigns to encourage donations from your donor base. We develop effective strategies based on the donors you already have and those you would like to reach through Facebook advertising, email marketing, branding and managing capital campaigns, and more. If you’re interested in a fundraising marketing strategy, contact us today.

Organizational Awareness

Whether your organization is new, or if you are simply struggling with how to get your organization’s name out there, Choose Life Marketing can develop an awareness strategy to help you reach your ideal audience. We will determine which medium is best to help you reach your target audience, whether that is paid search, SEO, social media retargeting, or a brand new website.

Developing and Maintaining Relationships

The team at Choose Life Marketing can help you better understand who your target audience is, how to reach them, and how to build trust over time with them through a variety of strategies like social media and email marketing.

Informing the Masses

If your goal is to be an irreplaceable resource in your community, nationwide or globally, Choose Life Marketing can examine your organization and recommend strategies to help you present information in the best possible ways. Services like blogging, website design, branding and more can help you be a recognizable, trustworthy source of information.


If you own a business with a pro-life mission, we can help you define your brand and sell your products to your ideal consumer. Our team will develop strategies based on your specific goals. We can utilize a variety of services to bring you closer to them.

Choose Life Marketing is proud to work with like-minded businesses, organizations and programs to ultimately help save more lives from abortion. If your pro-life organization is ready for an effective marketing strategy from the experts, contact us today.

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