Seven Resources for Pregnancy Centers

Propel your mission forward with our new free guide! We share seven top resources for pregnancy centers that will make a difference. They will help you stay informed, elevate your skills, and reach more women and donors.

Check out this list of our favorites, and think about ways you can continue to improve and refine how your center serves, communicates, and grows.

We’re here for you as you’re present for the women in your communities. Download our free guide today, and reach out to us if you’re interested in our professional marketing services.

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Social Media & Why It Matters

Social media really does matter and can improve your online visibility, community awareness, and reputation.

In this week’s FREE guide, we explain the “why” behind social media, best practices, and how to get started with your own social media accounts. We will address why social media matters, and how your center can take advantage of it to reach more abortion-minded women.

Download our guide today, and reach out to us if you would like more information on our social media services.

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Digital Marketing – How Do I Know If It’s Working?

We understand how critical it is for your center to get your digital marketing right. You have a limited budget, and you need to make each cent count towards reaching abortion-minded women.

Find out if your marketing is working by measuring success across a variety of digital marketing methods.

When you effectively execute and track your digital marketing, you will see the results you’ve been pitching to your board of directors. Download the free guide today!

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Gen Z – Here’s what you need to know

Your client demographics change over time.

Pregnancy centers who have been serving women for decades can attest to this fact. Clients used to look, dress, and communicate very differently than they do today.

To effectively market to the next generation, we must meet them where they are and provide content that resonates with them. This will help your centers reach and serve more women, and ultimately save more lives.

Download our free guide and get to know Gen Z better through our research on this unique generation born between 1997 and 2012.

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Critical to Your Mission: A Professional Website

Every pregnancy center needs an up-to-date, professional website to build credibility with clients and compete with local abortion providers. It should load quickly, be easy to navigate, and lead visitors to your appointment page.

Your goal? To attract clients instead of deter them.

Download this FREE guide that addresses the importance of websites, including industry best practices. We have also included a checklist to identify areas of improvement, or confirm your current website is knocking it out of the park.

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What’s in a Name? Branding Best Practices

Have you considered rebranding your center? Does the task seem too overwhelming? Is there a lot of pushback or fear about losing your current identity?

In this FREE guide, “What’s in a Name?”, we cover names, logos, and creating an atmosphere that will ATTRACT instead of deter abortion-minded women. If you’re contemplating a rebrand, this is your first step to understanding why branding matters, along with the do’s and don’ts.

As always, if you have questions after downloading this marketing resource, Choose Life Marketing would love to discuss and help with any of your rebranding needs. If you’re considering a rebrand, why wait?

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How to Talk to Your Board about a Rebrand

Regardless of your center’s history, a rebrand could be necessary for reaching more abortion-minded women and saving lives.

It might be a sensitive conversation to have with your board, but it’s also a critical one for better reaching and serving the abortion-minded women in your area.

Download this FREE guide to learn five key strategies to use when proposing a rebrand to your board.

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Reach Abortion-Determined Women & Increase Traffic with SEO

Are you struggling to reach the abortion-minded woman online? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers the potential to reach many women searching for answers online. This online marketing tactic helps you understand what exactly your target audience is searching for in your area so you can craft content to reach them. 

With the right SEO strategy and monthly investment, you will start to see real results online and women come into your doors. Download this FREE guide to starting SEO today so you can intercept the abortion-minded woman with hope and help.

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Your 2022 Game Plan to Combat Planned Parenthood

2021 was “the worst year” for the abortion industry. Between the passing of the Texas Heartbeat Bill and a number of new restrictions protecting life, we can expect Planned Parenthood to aggressively market to the public and to potential clientswomen that could visit your center instead.

In this week’s FREE marketing guide, we outline Planned Parenthood’s overarching goals and share actionable strategies for your pregnancy center to effectively compete in your community.

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How to Use Video to Reach More Clients and Donors

Posting videos on social media is a powerful tool for marketing to both donors AND clients, but often it’s hard to know where to start or even which topics to cover.

We know video creation can seem overwhelming with all the other things on your plate. That’s why we produce donor and client videos each month for you to order and use at your center. 

Fill out the form to get your FREE guide to video marketing!

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Google My Business (GMB) 101

To reach the abortion-minded woman, targeting her locally is key. As more and more search queries are becoming geographically specific, Google My Business is a necessity to reach women local to you!

You may have more questions about how Google My Business works. Do you need it? And, how do you set it up?

In this FREE guide, we take you back to the basics of GMB and walk through how to set up for your center to help you best reach those “near me” searches.

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2022 Marketing Calendar

Our first step in helping pregnancy centers reach more abortion-minded women and donors in the next year is providing you with our complimentary 2022 Marketing Calendar!

This calendar features dates to highlight in your marketing communications with both clients and donors to increase your social media or email campaign relevance, engagement, and effectiveness.

Remember, 80% of your social media posts should inform, engage, or entertain your audience, and only 20% should advertise services or ask for donations. This will help you retain your current followers, while gaining new ones.

Dates for key events like Sanctity of Human Life Sunday change every year, but we did the research, so you wouldn’t have to. Download the full-size calendar, print it out, and use it as a reference all year long.

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Free End of Year Social Graphics

I am so grateful for you and the opportunity to partner with many of you. I pray the tools we offer, the services we provide and the information we share weekly is helpful to you. What you do matters so much. Your faithfulness in this battle for life is a gift that reaches generations. God is using you as He redeems, restores and saves those you serve. You are a light and a testimony to His goodness.

Please enjoy these free social media graphics, courtesy of Choose Life Marketing. They were created for you to share on your social media. Just fill out the form and they will download automatically.

Thank you again for making a difference. May you have a very merry Christmas and a blessed 2022!

Nelly Roach

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Your Guide to Big Tech in 2022

Big Tech is constantly evolving. Keeping up with it, even on a need-to-know basis, can be challenging. This week, we compiled the top five things your pregnancy center needs to know about Big Tech as you head into 2022.

While it’s tempting to want to unplug from Big Tech, pregnancy centers can’t effectively reach the abortion-minded demographic without getting in the digital marketing game. Staying in the know will help you react, adapt, and thrive in this complex digital world, and ultimately reach more women in need.

Download your FREE guide today!

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Why Choose a Pro-Life Marketing Agency?

What you do each day is so important. It’s life-saving, life-changing work. To be more effective, you have determined that your pregnancy center needs to have a presence online. You know it’s where the generation you want to reach both lives and gets information.

But how do you find the right marketing agency?

Finding the right marketing agency can seem overwhelming. You may be factoring in common goals, their ability to understand your mission, excellence in their craft, pricing, and more.

In this FREE guide, we will talk through how to choose a marketing agency and the importance of choosing someone who knows who you want to reach and why you want to reach them. 

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End of Year Giving (Plus FREE Social Media Graphics)

Have you made a plan for year-end giving? Roughly 40% of nonprofit annual revenue in the US is raised in November and December.

Don’t miss out on fourth quarter giving – the biggest giving season of the year. Your center can easily  double or triple your revenue over this time last year. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but if you don’t have a plan to pursue it, you will miss out on the opportunity.

In this FREE guide, we offer tips from our expert fundraising team to help you make a plan that raises funds that change and save lives.

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You’re Invited: A Dessert Social

Join Choose Life Marketing, SperaVita, and Temoshek Strategic Consulting for a Dessert Social!

When: Sunday, November 14 at 8:30 PM

Where: Windgate Room 62, 63, 64.

We look forward to getting to know you and how we could partner with you to save more lives!

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Marketing in the Middle

Women in your community are trying to find answers to their many questions in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies. Once they find you online, they skim over your content to learn if your services and support are a good fit for them. Marketing in the middle is where you get to bridge the gap between capturing their awareness and conversion – moving them from finding out about you to walking through your front door. Well written, well optimized content has great value as you educate your audience about how you will best serve and help them.

Use this small window of time as they focus on your content to direct women to your center, offering them the confidence and support they need to choose life!

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Don’t Ignore the Top of Your Marketing Funnel

Have you ever felt like the best kept secret? Social media is your awareness builder. Many times it is the first glimpse women get into what your center is about and the services you offer. Every pregnancy center should be active on social media, as it’s an easy way to reach and interact with your target audience.

As the top of the marketing funnel, social media is the best first step to your marketing plan after you have developed a relevant, well-optimized website.

In this FREE guide, we will share what the marketing funnel is and why it’s important, as we tackle all of your questions about the relevance of social media. We want to help your social media marketing go from creating aimless content to creating strategic content that drives real results, so more abortion-minded women walk through your doors.

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Free Donor Social Media Graphics

In light of all the “fake news” about the new Texas Heartbeat Act, we wanted to provide some social media graphics to not only set the record straight but demonstrate the wonderful work pregnancy centers do for women and their babies every day!

As you share, feel free to add your own information about specific programs you offer so your followers and supporters can learn more about how you’re helping women in the community.

These graphics are designed to be used for your donor social media profiles.

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How to fight back against a fake review campaign

Millennials and Gen Z read reviews before making just about any decision, so positive client reviews are crucial for acquiring new clients for your center. Unfortunately, there are coordinated efforts by pro-abortion groups all over the country to attack pro-life pregnancy centers with a series of fake reviews online.

In this FREE download we share tips on how to deal with these attacks when they happen and work to mitigate them by going on the offense before they happen!

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Understanding the Marketing Funnel

What we are all wanting? Conversions! Also known as abortion determined women reaching out to you for help and support.

Understanding the marketing funnel for your PRC can help your center make a greater impact. The tactics at the top of the funnel help push people down towards conversion at the bottom. Without one part of the marketing funnel, you won’t get to the results you are seeking.

In this FREE GUIDE, we will explain the three stages of a marketing funnel,  so you can create a strategy that helps abortion-minded women respond to your ads or visit your website and make an appointment to get the support they need.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Client Website

Your website can offer help and hope around the clock to abortion-minded women in your community, even after hours and on the weekends.

Or it can turn away the very women you’re trying to reach because of pages that take too long to load, photos that don’t resonate, and content that’s geared towards donors and not your clients.

The difference between those types of websites lies in the design and content you use. In this FREE download, we share five ways you can improve your website today to reach more abortion-minded women.

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How Virtual Geofencing Can Help You Reach Abortion-Minded Women

Virtual geofencing is a paid advertising tool that allows you to reach women visiting specific URLs with ads about your center. And with more women searching online for abortions than ever before, this seems like it could be a winning strategy for your center.

In this FREE download, we discuss the strategy, how it works, and share some criteria to help you evaluate if it’s the right strategy for your center.

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Combating Abortion Pill On-Demand

We believe that a major component of the battle we fight is now directly tied to women’s easy access to the abortion pill. Legal changes have now made it easier than ever for women to order the abortion pill online.

While pregnancy centers may not be able to directly impact what’s happening with abortion laws, we can do something. We can bring clarity to how we do things within pregnancy centers, so women can understand their options and know the truth about the abortion pill.

Pregnancy centers should have a strong online presence, a relevant website, and a plan to oversaturate Google. This is where women are searching online every day and it’s crucial to meet them there.
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Abortion News: What’s Going On?

Between COVID and the dawn of the new administration in Washington DC, there is a battle like we’ve never seen before regarding abortion. At times it seems simple to do our part when it comes to the issue of abortion –  offering help and hope as you serve moms, dads, and their babies each day.

However, this past year, access to the abortion pill has become much easier. This impacts your center and the necessity to reach women early as the search for abortion pills online has greatly increased. As women search online, they need to find you first.

In this FREE resource, we highlight abortion laws and changes, encouraging you to stay informed and engaged with local and national abortion updates. To keep fighting, we need to know what we’re coming up against and let it move us to action.

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Increasing Foot Traffic to your center

Between fierce competition, an increase in abortion pill access and availability and the rise of Telehealth, how can you get abortion-minded women through your center’s doors?

Driving the right foot traffic to your center involves having a seamless marketing strategy, from your messaging and placement through your service offerings and the client experience.

In this week’s FREE guide, we’ll talk about marketing that works, and offer tips and tricks to increase foot traffic to your center and serve more abortion-minded women in your area. Check it out today!

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Behind the Scenes Look at Planned Parenthood’s Marketing Strategy

While Planned Parenthood has claimed they are anti-racist today, their founder and roots trace back to a disturbing racist and eugenist agenda. Their deceptive tactics not only stem from their founder but continue today.

Believe it or not, taking a look at our competitors like Planned Parenthood can give us insight when it comes to reaching women online. Though their mission is VERY different, they have strategic methods that reach the younger generations.

In this FREE resource, we’ll give you a deeper look into Planned Parenthood’s marketing strategy and how you can combat it.

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Is it working? Measuring Google Ad success to reach more clients

Reaching abortion-minded women remains a top priority for pregnancy centers all over the country, and one of the best and most effective ways to reach them is with Google Ads. If centers can successfully intercept their target’s traffic during their search for solutions, they can help save more lives and deliver even more hope to women in their communities.

So how do you know if your Google Ads are really living up to their potential? Check out our FREE guide on how to measure success. We will demystify many of the terms and metrics you need to know when evaluating your campaigns to improve your ads and reach even more abortion-minded women.

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Gaining Board and Donor Buy-in For Your Client Marketing

Pregnancy centers often find themselves caught in the middle of effectively reaching abortion-minded women and helping their board and donors understand the marketing strategy they are using. The different tactics and messaging for each group vary significantly, possibly leading to donor and board confusion, and even objection.

However, reaching abortion-minded women requires powerful marketing strategy and messaging to improve your center’s awareness, gain trust, and increase center traffic. Marketing maximizes your center’s community impact.

This week, check out our FREE guide on talking to donors and board members about the importance of marketing efforts to gain the support your center needs.

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Reach women before they reach out for the abortion pill online!

It’s easier, now more than ever, to buy the abortion pill online. The FDA recently announced a policy change due to Covid that allows women using telemedicine to order abortion pills through the mail instead of being required to visit a doctor’s office or clinic. This policy change is so dangerous to women’s health, as more women are taking the abortion pill without any supervision or understanding of the risks.

How do pregnancy centers reach the abortion-minded woman before these abortion pill providers do? It’s time to create a plan of action for reaching abortion-minded women so you can truly support them in their time of need. Through marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, you can rank on top of Google and reach women before abortion providers do.

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Reach more women with a better SEO strategy

With abortion minded women searching for answers online every day, search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for an effective marketing strategy . Stand out among your competition – your local abortion clinic – and connect with the abortion-minded woman by using SEO the right way.

From blogging to optimization, a great SEO strategy helps you rank on top of Google. The more strategy you put into SEO, the better chance women have coming to your website and ultimately coming into your center.

This week, check out our FREE guide on 3 ways to easily improve your SEO today!

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Gaining Board and Donor Buy-in For Your Client Marketing

Pregnancy centers often find themselves caught in the middle of effectively reaching abortion-minded women and helping their board and donors understand the marketing strategy they are using. The different tactics and messaging for each group vary significantly, possibly leading to donor and board confusion, and even objection.

However, reaching abortion-minded women requires powerful marketing strategy and messaging to improve your center’s awareness, gain trust, and increase center traffic. Marketing maximizes your center’s community impact.

This week, check out our FREE guide on talking to donors and board members about the importance of marketing efforts to gain the support your center needs.

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Using marketing to encourage and update your donors

Like anyone, there are moments that your donors get distracted or just busy and may need little reminders and updates of the mission you accomplish each day. It’s a great way to remind them of the importance of their partnership and great value they bring to your center.

The more donors can see the impact of their giving and support, the more encouraged they will be to keep engaging in this battle for life alongside you. Not only will informing your donors keep them engaged, but it will keep you, and your team, inspired and encouraged as well.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to further engage and inform your donors by improving your donor marketing strategy.

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What You Blog About Matters

With a clear and strategic plan, blogging can help capture the attention of the abortion-minded woman and bring her clarity and answers. Consistent engagement is necessary for a woman to go from simply reading your content to reaching out for help and potentially using your services.

What you blog about matters. In this FREE guide, learn about how keyword research goes hand in hand with blog topics, relevant topics, and how to speak to your board & donors about blog topics about why you write about the topics that you cover.

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Find out your center’s marketing strengths and weaknesses with our free checklist.

While pregnancy centers offer top-quality care and support for women all over the United States, sometimes marketing takes a backseat. It’s easy to let marketing slip in the hustle of serving women, but an effective strategy makes an enormous difference in attracting and engaging more clients and donors.

How is your center doing?

This week, we put together a list of questions and a checklist to go through every aspect of your pregnancy center’s marketing. Download it for free today!

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Are you stressed about raising money in 2021?

Congratulations! You’re almost through the first quarter of 2021 and the hardest few months of your fundraising year are almost behind you. The best is now before you, but what are you doing to make it your best year ever?

In this FREE major gift fundraising guide, we offer you the keys to fundraising success with less stress.

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Is Your Center Playing by Google’s Rules?

Are you not showing up on Google but feel like you have great content? Playing by Google’s rules and making minor adjustments to your content could bring you to the forefront of this search engine.

The ever-changing Google algorithms and protocols for marketers have created stricter requirements to stay at the top. There is a way to thrive on Google without compromising who you are and what you offer. It may just look a little different than you expected.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to tweak your content, learn SEO best practices, and stay in the game!

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Know Your Pregnancy Center’s Competition for Greater Impact

Who is your competition? Planned Parenthood, another abortion clinic, or even another center nearby?

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition will help inform and refine your marketing strategy to better attract and serve abortion-minded women in your area. Knowing your competition will give your center the competitive edge against your local abortion providers and provide collaborative opportunities with other local centers so you can move forward confidently and effectively.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to research your competition, and take steps to refine and improve your center’s marketing strategy.

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Top Social Media Trends for Pregnancy Centers in 2021

Social media has continued to evolve since its widespread adoption in the early 2000’s. But between Coronavirus isolation, the election, and the rise in social justice issues, social media has evolved more rapidly than ever before. With shutdowns and lack of in-person contact, social media has offered a way to continue community.

Pregnancy centers marketing on social media must stay ahead of the game, participating in social media trends to effectively reach and engage with clients and donors. Check out our FREE guide on the top social media trends pregnancy centers need to know for 2021.

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Anatomy of an SEO Page

It’s one thing to know you need SEO to reach abortion-minded women. It’s another thing to know how in the world to get your site to rank for the right keywords. In this FREE guide, we walk you through the anatomy of an SEO page so you can meet women where they are — in their search results on Google.

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Censorship and Pregnancy Centers: How to Adapt and Prepare in 2021

Censorship may become a reality to navigate in the year ahead. While all of us feel the weight of the uncertainty of tomorrow, this is not a time to hesitate. There is much you can do to make sure you continue to have a voice so abortion-minded women are able to find your center and hear about your life-changing, life-saving services.

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