Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, & TikTok Oh My!

Tapping into platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube is one of the most effective ways to reach abortion-minded women. Each platform offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience.

By understanding the distinctive features of each platform, viewers can choose the one that aligns best with their goals and resonates most effectively with the abortion-minded women we aim to reach!

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Segmenting Email Campaigns for Best Results

Read our new guide, “Segmenting Email Campaigns for Best Results,” to learn how to segment your donors, send resends based on activity levels, create strategies for email collection, and keep your database clean.

Our tips will help you receive more opens, clicks, and engagement. Get the most out of your email campaigns by reading our guide today.

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Dressing Your Social Media Accounts for Success

First impressions matter and are very difficult to change.

Ensuring your social media accounts look branded, clean, and professional will show that your center is trustworthy and has it together.

Read our guide, “Dressing Your Social Media Accounts for Success” to learn changes and updates that you can make for an excellent first impression.

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Your Spring Fundraising Refresh

Spring is upon us, and that means spring fundraising is here!

Read our guide, “Your Spring Fundraising Refresh” for fundraising pointers for spring events, campaigns, and other fundraising opportunities to get your partners and future partners involved.

Refresh your spring fundraising skills with our FREE guide full of expert tips!

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FREE Easter Social Media Graphics

Wish your donors and clients a happy Easter on your center’s social media accounts. The “He Is Risen” graphic is meant for donors, while the floral “Happy Easter” graphic is meant for clients.

Fill out the form to download two FREE social media graphics from Choose Life Marketing.

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Back to the Basics: Google

Google is by far the most powerful search engine online today.

With the right strategy and content, Google’s marketing tools can help you reach abortion-minded women in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

In this guide, we take you back to the basics of Google, update you on current trends, and provide ways to use Google even with the ongoing censorship issues.

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Your Guide to Instagram & Facebook Highlights and Stories

Social media can feel difficult to learn and keep up with because of its rapid changes, trends, and new features. But it’s vital to understand how to use it and stay up-to-date with it as best as possible to continue effectively engaging with clients and donors!

Social media Stories are a function that enables users and brands to share short, time-limited clips on their profiles for 24 hours. Learn how to use both of these features that started as trends and became pillars of the social media experience. Our guide will teach you how to engage with more clients and donors with our practical tips.

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ChatGPT Fact Sheet

ChatGPT allows users to ask questions or create prompts, and the program generates human-like responses using machine learning. It’s an extremely powerful tool for creative writing and more.

But there are a lot of hazards to be aware of as you dive into this new technology. Our fact sheet will help you understand ChatGPT and how to use it safely.

Take advantage of our free Fact Sheet to learn the do’s and don’ts of ChatGPT for pregnancy centers.

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Free Gift: Social Media Graphics

Merry Christmas!

Please enjoy this gift from us to you!

Our team designed two sets of social media graphics for your clients and donors.

Post them on your client and donor social media accounts to wish both audiences a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We pray for blessings over you and your center this holiday season, through 2024, and beyond.

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2024 Marketing Calendar

2024 is nearly upon us, and our year-end gift to YOU is here! Choose Life Marketing’s 2024 Marketing Calendar is ready for you as you plan out your 2024 social media.

This free downloadable calendar includes the key holidays and dates your PRC should know to help you plan your social media posts for the new year — all in a fun, user-friendly format.

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Christmas Appeal Email & Graphic

This letter was written to provide an additional update to your donors about your pregnancy center, your needs, and how they can help support you heading into a new year. It ties in beautifully to the story of the true Gift of Christmas and invites them to join you in your redemptive, life-giving work.

Simply download the zip file, copy and paste the letter into your email software, personalize it throughout (prompts provided), and hit send to connect with your donors again.

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How to Communicate with Gen Z

Generation Z (Gen Z for short) women currently account for the majority of abortions, which means that learning how to effectively communicate with this abortion-vulnerable group should be one of your primary goals.

While learning how to communicate cross-generationally isn’t easy, there are strategies your center can take that will help you connect and build trust with your Gen-Z clients.

Whether you feel like you’re starting from scratch when trying to reach Gen-Z women or already have a communication strategy in place, our FREE guide is for you!

Download “How to Communicate with Gen Z” today!

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FREE Thanksgiving & Giving Tuesday Graphics

It’s hard to believe that it’s Thanksgiving!

It’s one of my favorite holidays as we all set aside time to reflect on the things in our lives we are grateful for.

I am grateful for YOU this Thanksgiving as you save and change lives across the country.

Please enjoy these free social media graphics!

Nelly Roach
Choose Life Marketing

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Your Guide to the Adoption Option

November is National Adoption Month.

Adoption is shrouded in misunderstanding and falsehoods, but it can be a hope-filled alternative for women considering abortion.

Recently, the National Council for Adoption, BraveLove, and the Opt Institute released the results of a nationwide survey of birth parents. The survey shows over 63% of birth mothers were satisfied with their adoption decision, and the satisfaction rate increased if their adoption was in 2010 or later.

Making an adoption plan is a viable option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Get the information you need to present this third option confidently. Read Your Guide to the Adoption Option today.

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Sanctity of Human Life Marketing Plan

Sanctity of Human Life Month serves as an opportunity for you to highlight your mission, share stories of hope and transformation, and underscore the importance of providing compassionate alternatives to abortion with your local churches.

Mid-November is the best time to begin your marketing efforts by reaching out to existing or new church partners. You want to ensure they are ready and prepared to spread awareness for your center or clinic well before the holidays begin. You will also want to create your communication strategy for potential and existing donors.

Read this guide to plan a successful SOHL 2024 marketing campaign!

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How to Engage Politically to Protect Your PRC and Clients

It’s out with the old and in with the new when it comes to politics and pregnancy centers.

Gone are the days of staying under the political radar and leaving politics to other pro-life organizations. After the overturn of Roe v. Wade, engaging politically and getting to know your pro-life lawmakers has become the wisest choice.

But how do you do it? What can you do?

In this week’s new guide, we share practical strategies to start using today.

Fill out the form to download it, and use our tips to build bridges with pro-life lawmakers, see changes on the horizon, and invite donors to get involved.

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NEW Guide on How SEO and Social Media Work Together

We often consider search engine optimization and social media as separate strategies, but did you know they can work together?

SEO and social media marketing can form a dream team to effectively reach your target audience, the abortion-minded woman.

In our new guide, “Social + Search: Strategic, Social, SEO,” you will learn…
  • Why strategy matters
  • How to craft an organic marketing plan on social media and Google
  • How to optimize social media for SEO
  • Client social media tips
  • And much more!

Download it for free today for tips on reaching more women!

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NEW Emoji Guide! 😁

Gen Z uses emojis to convey meanings that text alone cannot.

But what do emojis mean? Are you using them right? What if the emoji meaning isn’t what you intended?

The Quick Guide to Emojis for Pregnancy Centers features popular emojis with definitions and some emojis for you to avoid. Print it out as a desk guide or reference it while you’re working on your social media posts.

Not only can using the correct emojis boost engagement on social media, but it can also help you relate to Gen Z, especially over text.

Download the FREE guide today!

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The Ultimate End-of-Year Marketing Plan

Your end-of-year marketing and fundraising efforts can make a significant difference for next year’s budget. That’s why an effective marketing plan is so critical. You want to ensure you are doing all you can and making the most of every opportunity to raise funds.

This ultimate end-of-year marketing plan corresponds with our end-of-year package, but even if you didn’t purchase it, this guide is full of tips for a successful end-of-year campaign.

Download it for free today!

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Effective End-of-Year Campaigns (Never Too Soon to Start)

Fact: It’s never too soon to start planning your year-end giving campaign!

Between mid-November and December 31st, your center should actively ask for donations to fuel your 2024 impact with a comprehensive marketing and fundraising strategy.

Take advantage of all opportunities to save and change more lives by getting a head start.

Our free marketing guide will serve as a warm-up to prepare you to choose a theme, begin collecting stories, and set up your marketing channels. It will provide a marketing framework with helpful tips for getting started. Download it for FREE today!

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Beyond the Basics: All the Platforms

Grow your pregnancy resource center’s reach beyond the basics by using popular platforms like Spotify, Pinterest, and more.

Take your advertising to the next level with our free guide, “Beyond the Basics: All the Platforms.” You’ll discover new types of online marketing and learn how each platform can impact your mission positively.

Download the free guide today!

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How to Market Your Non-Medical Services

Marketing your non-medical services is a key to reaching and serving more women facing unexpected pregnancies. With a diversified, strategic marketing plan, you will see results.

These are the services that ensure she (or he) doesn’t feel alone. They could include options counseling, “Earn as You Learn” programs, life skills classes, support groups, men’s mentorship, etc.

While non-medical services may not have the same sense of urgency as pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, they are critical to the well-being of your community. They empower and equip women and men to have healthy relationships, provide for their families, and become excellent parents.

Ensure more people know about your vital programs with our new guide, How to Market Your Non-Medical Services. Download it for FREE today!

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Respect Life Month Marketing Plan

Every October, the Catholic Church recognizes Respect Life Month. Are you ready to engage with churches and donors during this time?

In our Respect Life Month Marketing Plan, we’ll cover how to effectively market during this special month using the pieces of our Respect Life Month Package.

This FREE marketing plan applies to all pregnancy centers, whether you purchase our package or choose to create your own materials.

During Respect Life Month, connect with your church partners, donors, and raise funds to save and change lives. Download the guide today!

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Guide to Marketing Your Medical Services

Pregnancy centers come in all shapes and sizes.

While many of you focus on resources and support, others focus on medical services, from ultrasounds and STI testing to well-woman exams.

This week’s free guide is especially for those of you who identify as pregnancy medical centers or clinics. It shares tips and insights on building trust and your reputation as a medical resource for women in need.

In this day and age, accurate medical content, strong team member credentials, and professional practices are incredibly important for establishing your center as a medical center.

Download “A Practical Guide to Effectively Marketing Your Medical Services” today!

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Back to Basics: Social Media

Thinking about managing your social media can feel a lot like wandering through the woods without a compass.

Learning how to harness the power of social media is a process that, once mastered, builds awareness for your center and can bring more women through your doors, ultimately saving more lives. Learn how to navigate social media and understand its true potential with this helpful guide!

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Event Marketing Checklist

Planning, managing, and marketing successful fundraising events can challenge even the most organized pregnancy center directors.

It requires incredible balance to ensure you’re planning ahead of the event date while running the daily operations of your pregnancy center ministry.

Our new Event Marketing Checklist provides a list of marketing activities to help you host a successful event and raise needed funds for your center! Download and read it today!

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What We Know About Marketing a Year After Dobbs

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The past year was unprecedented and chaotic, but it left us with key takeaways to inform future marketing strategies for pregnancy centers.

In our new guide, we will address:

  • Google Policy Changes
  • Negative Press for Pregnancy Centers
  • State Legal Changes
  • Proven Marketing Strategies for Every State
  • How to Reach Her No Matter What

For those of you who endured the last 12 months, I’m sure you have seen the rewards of your perseverance. Even when it felt like the world was against you, you reached and served her. You impacted lives as you helped countless women.

While challenging, staying in the game is the only way to accomplish your mission!

Overcoming fear, Big Tech, and unforeseen obstacles has become part of your job descriptions. Thank you for the incredible work you’re doing for life!

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How to Successfully Diversify Your Marketing Plan 

When it comes to marketing, it can feel like there are too many options. There are too many trends, too many platforms, too many strategies… too many things to think about, right? 

However, with Big Tech censorship and favoritism, reaching abortion-minded women with only one strategy or on just one platform can risk messaging delays due to ad rejections and suspensions. You could miss reaching the women you want to reach.

Instead of putting all digital marketing eggs in one basket, splitting them into multiple baskets can help your center reach as many women as possible.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to diversify your plan for the best results no matter what Big Tech throws your way.

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Life After Dobbs

In honor of the first anniversary of the Dobbs decision, we are giving you this FREE donor video!

Life After Dobbs highlights last year’s ruling and the lives it’s saved. It also shows your donors the harsh realities of the backlash pregnancy centers face from the opposition. It communicates that your work isn’t over and aims to raise awareness and funds for your pregnancy center.

Request it for free and share it with your donors today! This offer is available only for 60 days! (August 5, 2023)*If you want this video personalized with your website and logo, please check the box.

The cost is $75 and production time is five days from payment.

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Combat the Summer Fundraising Slump with this Guide!

The temperature is rising and the school year is winding down.

Soon, kids will be on summer break, and your donors will be packing their schedules with vacations, summer camps, pool days, barbeques, and family reunions.

How can you raise the funds you need during the summer?

Our new guide, Combating the Summer Fundraising Slump, will provide insights and ideas to successfully fundraise throughout the summer months.

Download it by submitting the form!

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Intergenerational Communication Tips

Pregnancy centers have two primary target audiences: donors and clients. While clients can feature Millennials, Gen Z, and now Gen Alpha, donors can feature a range of generations from Gen Z to Traditionalists (age 78 and up).

How can you effectively communicate with each generation? What events shaped each generation, and how can you reach them today?

Our new guide, Intergenerational Communication Tips, will provide a reference and starting point for marketing to each generation.

Check out our guide for communication tips-with impact.

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Navigating Big Tech so You Can Be Found Online

Big Tech censorship isn’t new, but after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the online landscape became even more challenging for pregnancy centers.

With plenty of obstacles, including ad rejection, new rules, and double standards, it’s easy to get discouraged. But jumping the hurdles is worth it and will enable you to reach more abortion-minded women and donors.

Our new guide, Navigating Big Tech so You Can Be Found Online, discusses some of the challenges we’ve seen, along with solutions for your center.

We can’t back down. There’s too much at stake. Read our guide to become equipped to take on Big Tech and stay visible online.

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Quick Guide to Google Grant

What would you do if you had up to $10,000 more in paid search spending each month? It would change your advertising budget significantly, right?

This week, we’re shining a light on Google Ad Grants and answering frequently asked questions on this beneficial program.

  • What are Google Ad Grants?
  • How can they benefit your pregnancy center?
  • How do you apply?

Read all about it in our Quick Guide to Google Ad Grants by downloading it today!

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FREE Easter Graphic – Our Gift To You

Happy Easter!

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. His death on the cross and ultimate resurrection bought our redemption. It’s because of Him that we do what we do.

Please enjoy this free Easter social media graphic to post on your donor social media accounts.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Website

Websites are today’s modern business cards.

How they look and function can play a direct role in donations and number of appointments scheduled.

Your website’s first impression could either go a long way, the wrong way, or somewhere in between. A few simple improvements can make a meaningful difference.

Check out our free guide for 5 Ways to Improve Your Website by downloading it today!

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Fundraising With Impact

As we welcome spring and wave goodbye to winter, we are all anticipating upcoming fundraising events and time set aside to meet one on one with your donors!

We have created a guide with Five Tips for Fundraising with Impact with some key takeaways from to read and enjoy.

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Video Marketing Guide

Videos have become one of the most effective and most consumed form of marketing. The average viewer spends about 100 minutes a day watching digital videos.

If you can get your center’s video in front of potential clients and donors on social media, you can improve your awareness, visibility, and engagement. Add a video to your website and you can improve search engine optimization.

Videos are truly marketing gold.

Read all about the benefits of video and learn how you can leverage them best.

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Guide to Google Reviews

Google reviews… they can be either your best asset or your worst nightmare depending on how you manage them.

In our free marketing guide, we will provide best practices for identifying and responding to Google reviews, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Download this guide for help with your Google reviews today!

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New Year, New Marketing

We’re one month into the year, but it’s not too late to get your marketing in order and have the best marketing results yet.

In our free guide, we will cover three ways to elevate your marketing in 2023. Many of these are small steps that can lead to excellent results. 

Marketing is more important than ever in the ministry of reaching and serving her. Despite current and potential challenges, we encourage you to remember the positive impact your center has had on so many lives.

Women across the country are being offered hope and help today and experiencing the joy of parenting because of your pregnancy centers. Thank you for all you do!

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Abortion Tourism: The New Frontier

The FDA updated the abortion pill label to allow it to be prescribed at retail pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS. Then, the United States Postal Service stated it could legally deliver abortion pills to any state regardless of local laws.

Developments like these are shaping the new frontier of abortion tourism, abortion pills, and federal-designed workarounds to bypass state laws. Pregnancy center ministries are crucial.

Download our free guide to effective marketing in what feels like today’s Wild West. Be encouraged. Despite the challenges, you are desperately needed by so many women.

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Pregnancy Center Marketing Trends for 2023!

As you plan for 2023, read our free guide covering the top marketing trends for pregnancy centers.

These marketing trends relate to the current landscape and will provide insight as you decide your marketing budget allocation and your 2023 strategy.

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Free End of Year Social Graphics

I am so grateful for you and the opportunity to partner with many of you. I pray the tools we offer, the services we provide and the information we share weekly is helpful to you. What you do matters so much. Your faithfulness in this battle for life is a gift that reaches generations. God is using you as He redeems, restores and saves those you serve. You are a light and a testimony to His goodness.

Please enjoy these free social media graphics, courtesy of Choose Life Marketing. They were created for you to share on your social media. Just fill out the form and they will download automatically.

Thank you again for making a difference. May you have a very merry Christmas and a blessed 2023!

Nelly Roach

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Our 2023 Marketing Calendar for Your Center

Featuring holidays and special dates related to donor and client marketing, you can reference this calendar all year long. Use it to plan your social media posts, fundraisers, email campaigns, and more. This helpful tool will build awareness for your center within your community.

Download it for FREE, print it in full color, and revisit it throughout 2023.

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Who Is She Today?

Gen Z is HERE as our new target audience. It’s up to us to bridge the gap between generations so she can hear us and be drawn to hope and choose life.

Download this FREE guide to learn all about reaching Gen Z — who she is, what speaks to her, and how you can most effectively communicate with her today.

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Video: Why Marketing Matters

The internet has changed everything about how you run your pregnancy center. You know that every day, women in your community open Google on their phones to search for solutions to their unplanned pregnancies.

Are they finding you first?

Without intentional, strategic effort on your part, their searches will be met by abortion clinics seeking to profit from women’s perceived crises.

Marketing your services and reaching HER can mean the difference between life and death for her baby … especially in an age where demand for the abortion pill and easy access to medication abortion has grown substantially.

Sometimes communicating with your board about how important marketing is can be a challenge. It is their responsibility to oversee and care about the resources of your center and steward them well. They may often see the costs of the investment and don’t understand the necessity of marketing online to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

This week’s FREE video will help you communicate the need for strategic marketing. Please feel free to share this with your board and key supporters to help them understand how essential marketing is to reach women in this digital age.

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Diversify Your Marketing to Reach Her

Big Tech has kept us guessing this year!

Between Google limiting pregnancy centers’ visibility in abortion searches and Facebook removing certain targeting details, we have certainly been on our toes.

In this week’s FREE guide, How to Diversify Your Marketing Plan, you’ll learn how you can take steps now to make sure your eggs aren’t all in one basket. Diversifying your marketing plan now will help you continue to reach her and save lives.

Please reach out to us if you need any assistance!

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How to Respond to Fake Google Reviews

With the full spectrum of opinions and views, the internet can feel like the Wild West.

While it’s a blessing because your centers use it to reach and communicate with women and donors, it poses its fair share of challenges. The heated rhetoric over the past months certainly fueled an influx of negative and fake Google reviews for pregnancy centers.

In this week’s FREE guide, we share helpful strategies for responding to Google Reviews with grace and truth, while also taking necessary action–such as reporting reviews to Google. We will share what to do, what not to do, and how to respond without violating HIPAA.

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A Guide to Post-Roe Donor Marketing

During this unprecedented time, your center needs donor support now more than ever. You need monthly donors as well as those who give generous one-time gifts. And you hope to find more individuals in your community who are willing to give material items, volunteer, and pray.

To do this, you must make donors feel engaged, connected, and part of your life-saving mission.

In our free guide to Donor Marketing Post Roe, we cover effective marketing and communication strategies to rally your donors around your mission to raise funds and keep your center strong. Download it today!

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Video Marketing Strategies Post-Roe: What You Need to Know

When you publish video content online, you are able to share your message with greater levels of clarity and authenticity. Real people on the other side of the screen feel more connected to you because they are able to see a real person communicating with them, rather than reading text on a screen. Even if your video does not show someone from your team, a video can often communicate a complex message with ease and entertainment.

In our post-Roe world, videos are your best friend. Videos have become favored within social media algorithms, and videos also are more relatable for your audience. Download our free guide to be equipped to reach abortion minded-women through video in Post-Roe America.

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What Now? Adapting to Google’s Changes

Google shook the pregnancy center marketing world with their recent update to Google Business Profile. You may have noticed it is defaulting to show only abortion clinics in local abortion-related search results.

This means when a woman searches on Google for “abortion pill” or “abortion near me,” she will see the nearest abortion clinics in her local search results, not pregnancy centers.

In this free guide, we share our tips and recommendations to help you adapt your Google marketing strategy for the best results.

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What You Need to Know About Social Media Post Roe

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… every Silicon Valley social media giant has posed barriers for pregnancy centers. Whether it’s ad disclaimers, rejecting ads, or issuing violations for posts on abortion pill reversal, they have been a source of resistance for years.

Yet social media platforms remain critical to the mission of reaching the abortion-minded woman.

With the life issue heating up online, it’s time to revisit your social media strategies for the best results.

Download and read our free guide to learn how to market on social media during this tumultuous time in history!

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Paid Search Strategies Post Roe

Whether your pregnancy center has been using paid search for years, or you feel a little nervous at the thought of navigating Google ads for the first time, now is your moment. As the legal landscape changes, take a fresh look at how to maximize your ad budget and life-changing impact!

Download our free guide today to learn paid search strategies for reaching abortion-minded women in Post-Roe America.

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Why Your SEO Matters Post-Roe

Did you know there were over 350,000 searches for the abortion pill the week after the SCOTUS decision?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is significant as we navigate Post-Roe America because more women than ever are online looking for information on abortion. Meet them with the answers they’re looking for with the right content and SEO strategy.

In this FREE guide, we walk you through the best SEO practices to reach women before they decide on abortion or travel out of state to seek one.

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Your Guide to Navigate Abortion Tourism

Whether you live in a state that bans abortion or still allows it, you need to have a plan in place to navigate abortion tourism. Women are likely either coming to your state to get abortions or leaving your state to get them, so you need executable strategies to reach them with life-affirming resources.

In this FREE guide, we walk you through the best marketing tactics to reach women before they arrive at the abortion clinic.

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Marketing Shifts for Post-Roe America

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and now states will decide how to allow or restrict abortion in their state. How should your pregnancy center respond?

In this FREE guide, we offer marketing tips and best practices for pregnancy centers in states where abortion is now banned, where abortion is somewhat restricted, and where abortion is still legal.

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Center Collaboration: Working Together to Save More Lives

There are over 3,000 pregnancy center locations across the United States, each working to serve women and save lives. Outnumbering abortion clinics, pregnancy centers are well-equipped to support women no matter the legal changes in our nation.

Even with this massive number, it raises the question: Are pregnancy centers working together? Collaboration is an excellent tool to effectively serve more women and save more lives.

In this guide, we share the “why” behind center collaboration and basic ways you can work together to accomplish your life-saving mission.

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Leadership: How to Help Your Board Capture the Vision

Is your board on board with the vision of your ministry? Are they helping to cast that vision?

Download our FREE guide for insights into presenting strategy to your board and casting the vision for the future. And, we offer encouragement when the board doesn’t respond how you were hoping they would. It is our hope that this guide will help you move forward with the greatest impact.

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Seven Resources for Pregnancy Centers

Propel your mission forward with our new free guide! We share seven top resources for pregnancy centers that will make a difference. They will help you stay informed, elevate your skills, and reach more women and donors.

Check out this list of our favorites, and think about ways you can continue to improve and refine how your center serves, communicates, and grows.

We’re here for you as you’re present for the women in your communities. Download our free guide today, and reach out to us if you’re interested in our professional marketing services.

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Social Media & Why It Matters

Social media really does matter and can improve your online visibility, community awareness, and reputation.

In this week’s FREE guide, we explain the “why” behind social media, best practices, and how to get started with your own social media accounts. We will address why social media matters, and how your center can take advantage of it to reach more abortion-minded women.

Download our guide today, and reach out to us if you would like more information on our social media services.

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Digital Marketing – How Do I Know If It’s Working?

We understand how critical it is for your center to get your digital marketing right. You have a limited budget, and you need to make each cent count towards reaching abortion-minded women.

Find out if your marketing is working by measuring success across a variety of digital marketing methods.

When you effectively execute and track your digital marketing, you will see the results you’ve been pitching to your board of directors. Download the free guide today!

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Gen Z – Here’s what you need to know

Your client demographics change over time.

Pregnancy centers who have been serving women for decades can attest to this fact. Clients used to look, dress, and communicate very differently than they do today.

To effectively market to the next generation, we must meet them where they are and provide content that resonates with them. This will help your centers reach and serve more women, and ultimately save more lives.

Download our free guide and get to know Gen Z better through our research on this unique generation born between 1997 and 2012.

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Critical to Your Mission: A Professional Website

Every pregnancy center needs an up-to-date, professional website to build credibility with clients and compete with local abortion providers. It should load quickly, be easy to navigate, and lead visitors to your appointment page.

Your goal? To attract clients instead of deter them.

Download this FREE guide that addresses the importance of websites, including industry best practices. We have also included a checklist to identify areas of improvement, or confirm your current website is knocking it out of the park.

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What’s in a Name? Branding Best Practices

Have you considered rebranding your center? Does the task seem too overwhelming? Is there a lot of pushback or fear about losing your current identity?

In this FREE guide, “What’s in a Name?”, we cover names, logos, and creating an atmosphere that will ATTRACT instead of deter abortion-minded women. If you’re contemplating a rebrand, this is your first step to understanding why branding matters, along with the do’s and don’ts.

As always, if you have questions after downloading this marketing resource, Choose Life Marketing would love to discuss and help with any of your rebranding needs. If you’re considering a rebrand, why wait?

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How to Talk to Your Board about a Rebrand

Regardless of your center’s history, a rebrand could be necessary for reaching more abortion-minded women and saving lives.

It might be a sensitive conversation to have with your board, but it’s also a critical one for better reaching and serving the abortion-minded women in your area.

Download this FREE guide to learn five key strategies to use when proposing a rebrand to your board.

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Reach Abortion-Determined Women & Increase Traffic with SEO

Are you struggling to reach the abortion-minded woman online? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers the potential to reach many women searching for answers online. This online marketing tactic helps you understand what exactly your target audience is searching for in your area so you can craft content to reach them. 

With the right SEO strategy and monthly investment, you will start to see real results online and women come into your doors. Download this FREE guide to starting SEO today so you can intercept the abortion-minded woman with hope and help.

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Your 2022 Game Plan to Combat Planned Parenthood

2021 was “the worst year” for the abortion industry. Between the passing of the Texas Heartbeat Bill and a number of new restrictions protecting life, we can expect Planned Parenthood to aggressively market to the public and to potential clientswomen that could visit your center instead.

In this week’s FREE marketing guide, we outline Planned Parenthood’s overarching goals and share actionable strategies for your pregnancy center to effectively compete in your community.

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How to Use Video to Reach More Clients and Donors

Posting videos on social media is a powerful tool for marketing to both donors AND clients, but often it’s hard to know where to start or even which topics to cover.

We know video creation can seem overwhelming with all the other things on your plate. That’s why we produce donor and client videos each month for you to order and use at your center. 

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Google My Business (GMB) 101

To reach the abortion-minded woman, targeting her locally is key. As more and more search queries are becoming geographically specific, Google My Business is a necessity to reach women local to you!

You may have more questions about how Google My Business works. Do you need it? And, how do you set it up?

In this FREE guide, we take you back to the basics of GMB and walk through how to set up for your center to help you best reach those “near me” searches.

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2022 Marketing Calendar

Our first step in helping pregnancy centers reach more abortion-minded women and donors in the next year is providing you with our complimentary 2022 Marketing Calendar!

This calendar features dates to highlight in your marketing communications with both clients and donors to increase your social media or email campaign relevance, engagement, and effectiveness.

Remember, 80% of your social media posts should inform, engage, or entertain your audience, and only 20% should advertise services or ask for donations. This will help you retain your current followers, while gaining new ones.

Dates for key events like Sanctity of Human Life Sunday change every year, but we did the research, so you wouldn’t have to. Download the full-size calendar, print it out, and use it as a reference all year long.

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Free End of Year Social Graphics

I am so grateful for you and the opportunity to partner with many of you. I pray the tools we offer, the services we provide and the information we share weekly is helpful to you. What you do matters so much. Your faithfulness in this battle for life is a gift that reaches generations. God is using you as He redeems, restores and saves those you serve. You are a light and a testimony to His goodness.

Please enjoy these free social media graphics, courtesy of Choose Life Marketing. They were created for you to share on your social media. Just fill out the form and they will download automatically.

Thank you again for making a difference. May you have a very merry Christmas and a blessed 2022!

Nelly Roach

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Your Guide to Big Tech in 2022

Big Tech is constantly evolving. Keeping up with it, even on a need-to-know basis, can be challenging. This week, we compiled the top five things your pregnancy center needs to know about Big Tech as you head into 2022.

While it’s tempting to want to unplug from Big Tech, pregnancy centers can’t effectively reach the abortion-minded demographic without getting in the digital marketing game. Staying in the know will help you react, adapt, and thrive in this complex digital world, and ultimately reach more women in need.

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Why Choose a Pro-Life Marketing Agency?

What you do each day is so important. It’s life-saving, life-changing work. To be more effective, you have determined that your pregnancy center needs to have a presence online. You know it’s where the generation you want to reach both lives and gets information.

But how do you find the right marketing agency?

Finding the right marketing agency can seem overwhelming. You may be factoring in common goals, their ability to understand your mission, excellence in their craft, pricing, and more.

In this FREE guide, we will talk through how to choose a marketing agency and the importance of choosing someone who knows who you want to reach and why you want to reach them. 

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End of Year Giving (Plus FREE Social Media Graphics)

Have you made a plan for year-end giving? Roughly 40% of nonprofit annual revenue in the US is raised in November and December.

Don’t miss out on fourth quarter giving – the biggest giving season of the year. Your center can easily  double or triple your revenue over this time last year. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but if you don’t have a plan to pursue it, you will miss out on the opportunity.

In this FREE guide, we offer tips from our expert fundraising team to help you make a plan that raises funds that change and save lives.

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Marketing in the Middle

Women in your community are trying to find answers to their many questions in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies. Once they find you online, they skim over your content to learn if your services and support are a good fit for them. Marketing in the middle is where you get to bridge the gap between capturing their awareness and conversion – moving them from finding out about you to walking through your front door. Well written, well optimized content has great value as you educate your audience about how you will best serve and help them.

Use this small window of time as they focus on your content to direct women to your center, offering them the confidence and support they need to choose life!

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Don’t Ignore the Top of Your Marketing Funnel

Have you ever felt like the best kept secret? Social media is your awareness builder. Many times it is the first glimpse women get into what your center is about and the services you offer. Every pregnancy center should be active on social media, as it’s an easy way to reach and interact with your target audience.

As the top of the marketing funnel, social media is the best first step to your marketing plan after you have developed a relevant, well-optimized website.

In this FREE guide, we will share what the marketing funnel is and why it’s important, as we tackle all of your questions about the relevance of social media. We want to help your social media marketing go from creating aimless content to creating strategic content that drives real results, so more abortion-minded women walk through your doors.

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Free Donor Social Media Graphics

In light of all the “fake news” about the new Texas Heartbeat Act, we wanted to provide some social media graphics to not only set the record straight but demonstrate the wonderful work pregnancy centers do for women and their babies every day!

As you share, feel free to add your own information about specific programs you offer so your followers and supporters can learn more about how you’re helping women in the community.

These graphics are designed to be used for your donor social media profiles.

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How to fight back against a fake review campaign

Millennials and Gen Z read reviews before making just about any decision, so positive client reviews are crucial for acquiring new clients for your center. Unfortunately, there are coordinated efforts by pro-abortion groups all over the country to attack pro-life pregnancy centers with a series of fake reviews online.

In this FREE download we share tips on how to deal with these attacks when they happen and work to mitigate them by going on the offense before they happen!

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Understanding the Marketing Funnel

What we are all wanting? Conversions! Also known as abortion determined women reaching out to you for help and support.

Understanding the marketing funnel for your PRC can help your center make a greater impact. The tactics at the top of the funnel help push people down towards conversion at the bottom. Without one part of the marketing funnel, you won’t get to the results you are seeking.

In this FREE GUIDE, we will explain the three stages of a marketing funnel,  so you can create a strategy that helps abortion-minded women respond to your ads or visit your website and make an appointment to get the support they need.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Client Website

Your website can offer help and hope around the clock to abortion-minded women in your community, even after hours and on the weekends.

Or it can turn away the very women you’re trying to reach because of pages that take too long to load, photos that don’t resonate, and content that’s geared towards donors and not your clients.

The difference between those types of websites lies in the design and content you use. In this FREE download, we share five ways you can improve your website today to reach more abortion-minded women.

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How Virtual Geofencing Can Help You Reach Abortion-Minded Women

Virtual geofencing is a paid advertising tool that allows you to reach women visiting specific URLs with ads about your center. And with more women searching online for abortions than ever before, this seems like it could be a winning strategy for your center.

In this FREE download, we discuss the strategy, how it works, and share some criteria to help you evaluate if it’s the right strategy for your center.

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Combating Abortion Pill On-Demand

We believe that a major component of the battle we fight is now directly tied to women’s easy access to the abortion pill. Legal changes have now made it easier than ever for women to order the abortion pill online.

While pregnancy centers may not be able to directly impact what’s happening with abortion laws, we can do something. We can bring clarity to how we do things within pregnancy centers, so women can understand their options and know the truth about the abortion pill.

Pregnancy centers should have a strong online presence, a relevant website, and a plan to oversaturate Google. This is where women are searching online every day and it’s crucial to meet them there.
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Abortion News: What’s Going On?

Between COVID and the dawn of the new administration in Washington DC, there is a battle like we’ve never seen before regarding abortion. At times it seems simple to do our part when it comes to the issue of abortion –  offering help and hope as you serve moms, dads, and their babies each day.

However, this past year, access to the abortion pill has become much easier. This impacts your center and the necessity to reach women early as the search for abortion pills online has greatly increased. As women search online, they need to find you first.

In this FREE resource, we highlight abortion laws and changes, encouraging you to stay informed and engaged with local and national abortion updates. To keep fighting, we need to know what we’re coming up against and let it move us to action.

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Increasing Foot Traffic to your center

Between fierce competition, an increase in abortion pill access and availability and the rise of Telehealth, how can you get abortion-minded women through your center’s doors?

Driving the right foot traffic to your center involves having a seamless marketing strategy, from your messaging and placement through your service offerings and the client experience.

In this week’s FREE guide, we’ll talk about marketing that works, and offer tips and tricks to increase foot traffic to your center and serve more abortion-minded women in your area. Check it out today!

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Behind the Scenes Look at Planned Parenthood’s Marketing Strategy

While Planned Parenthood has claimed they are anti-racist today, their founder and roots trace back to a disturbing racist and eugenist agenda. Their deceptive tactics not only stem from their founder but continue today.

Believe it or not, taking a look at our competitors like Planned Parenthood can give us insight when it comes to reaching women online. Though their mission is VERY different, they have strategic methods that reach the younger generations.

In this FREE resource, we’ll give you a deeper look into Planned Parenthood’s marketing strategy and how you can combat it.

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Is it working? Measuring Google Ad success to reach more clients

Reaching abortion-minded women remains a top priority for pregnancy centers all over the country, and one of the best and most effective ways to reach them is with Google Ads. If centers can successfully intercept their target’s traffic during their search for solutions, they can help save more lives and deliver even more hope to women in their communities.

So how do you know if your Google Ads are really living up to their potential? Check out our FREE guide on how to measure success. We will demystify many of the terms and metrics you need to know when evaluating your campaigns to improve your ads and reach even more abortion-minded women.

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Gaining Board and Donor Buy-in For Your Client Marketing

Pregnancy centers often find themselves caught in the middle of effectively reaching abortion-minded women and helping their board and donors understand the marketing strategy they are using. The different tactics and messaging for each group vary significantly, possibly leading to donor and board confusion, and even objection.

However, reaching abortion-minded women requires powerful marketing strategy and messaging to improve your center’s awareness, gain trust, and increase center traffic. Marketing maximizes your center’s community impact.

This week, check out our FREE guide on talking to donors and board members about the importance of marketing efforts to gain the support your center needs.

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Reach Women Before They Reach Out for the Abortion Pill Online!

It’s easier, now more than ever, to buy the abortion pill online. The FDA recently announced a policy change due to Covid that allows women using telemedicine to order abortion pills through the mail instead of being required to visit a doctor’s office or clinic. This policy change is so dangerous to women’s health, as more women are taking the abortion pill without any supervision or understanding of the risks.

How do pregnancy centers reach the abortion-minded woman before these abortion pill providers do? It’s time to create a plan of action for reaching abortion-minded women so you can truly support them in their time of need. Through marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, you can rank on top of Google and reach women before abortion providers do.

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Reach More Women With a Better SEO Strategy

With abortion-minded women searching for answers online every day, search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for an effective marketing strategy. Stand out among your competition – your local abortion clinic – and connect with the abortion-minded woman by using SEO the right way.

From blogging to optimization, a great SEO strategy helps you rank on top of Google. The more strategy you put into SEO, the better chance women have coming to your website and ultimately coming into your center.

This week, check out our FREE guide on three ways to easily improve your SEO today!

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Gaining Board and Donor Buy-in For Your Client Marketing

Pregnancy centers often find themselves caught in the middle of effectively reaching abortion-minded women and helping their board and donors understand the marketing strategy they are using. The different tactics and messaging for each group vary significantly, possibly leading to donor and board confusion, and even objection.

However, reaching abortion-minded women requires powerful marketing strategy and messaging to improve your center’s awareness, gain trust, and increase center traffic. Marketing maximizes your center’s community impact.

This week, check out our FREE guide on talking to donors and board members about the importance of marketing efforts to gain the support your center needs.

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Using Marketing To Encourage and Update Your Donors

Like anyone, there are moments that your donors get distracted or just busy and may need little reminders and updates of the mission you accomplish each day. It’s a great way to remind them of the importance of their partnership and great value they bring to your center.

The more donors can see the impact of their giving and support, the more encouraged they will be to keep engaging in this battle for life alongside you. Not only will informing your donors keep them engaged, but it will keep you, and your team, inspired and encouraged as well.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to further engage and inform your donors by improving your donor marketing strategy.

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What You Blog About Matters

With a clear and strategic plan, blogging can help capture the attention of the abortion-minded woman and bring her clarity and answers. Consistent engagement is necessary for a woman to go from simply reading your content to reaching out for help and potentially using your services.

What you blog about matters. In this FREE guide, learn about how keyword research goes hand in hand with blog topics, relevant topics, and how to speak to your board & donors about blog topics about why you write about the topics that you cover.

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Marketing Checklist: How Does Your Center Measure Up?

While pregnancy centers offer top-quality care and support for women all over the United States, sometimes marketing takes a backseat. It’s easy to let marketing slip in the hustle of serving women, but an effective strategy makes an enormous difference in attracting and engaging more clients and donors.

How is your center doing?

This week, we put together a list of questions and a checklist to go through every aspect of your pregnancy center’s marketing. Download it for free today!

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Fundraising Success With Less Stress

Congratulations! You’re almost through the first quarter of 2021 and the hardest few months of your fundraising year are almost behind you. The best is now before you, but what are you doing to make it your best year ever?

In this FREE major gift fundraising guide, we offer you the keys to fundraising success with less stress.

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Is Your Center Playing by Google’s Rules?

Are you not showing up on Google but feel like you have great content? Playing by Google’s rules and making minor adjustments to your content could bring you to the forefront of this search engine.

The ever-changing Google algorithms and protocols for marketers have created stricter requirements to stay at the top. There is a way to thrive on Google without compromising who you are and what you offer. It may just look a little different than you expected.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to tweak your content, learn SEO best practices, and stay in the game!

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Know Your Pregnancy Center’s Competition for Greater Impact

Who is your competition? Planned Parenthood, another abortion clinic, or even another center nearby?

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition will help inform and refine your marketing strategy to better attract and serve abortion-minded women in your area. Knowing your competition will give your center the competitive edge against your local abortion providers and provide collaborative opportunities with other local centers so you can move forward confidently and effectively.

Download our FREE guide to learn how to research your competition, and take steps to refine and improve your center’s marketing strategy.

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Top Social Media Trends for Pregnancy Centers in 2021

Social media has continued to evolve since its widespread adoption in the early 2000’s. But between Coronavirus isolation, the election, and the rise in social justice issues, social media has evolved more rapidly than ever before. With shutdowns and lack of in-person contact, social media has offered a way to continue community.

Pregnancy centers marketing on social media must stay ahead of the game, participating in social media trends to effectively reach and engage with clients and donors. Check out our FREE guide on the top social media trends pregnancy centers need to know for 2021.

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Anatomy of an SEO Page

It’s one thing to know you need SEO to reach abortion-minded women. It’s another thing to know how in the world to get your site to rank for the right keywords. In this FREE guide, we walk you through the anatomy of an SEO page so you can meet women where they are — in their search results on Google.

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Censorship and Pregnancy Centers: How to Adapt and Prepare in 2021

Censorship may become a reality to navigate in the year ahead. While all of us feel the weight of the uncertainty of tomorrow, this is not a time to hesitate. There is much you can do to make sure you continue to have a voice so abortion-minded women are able to find your center and hear about your life-changing, life-saving services.

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Video Marketing: Why it’s a Big Deal and How to Use it for your Pregnancy Center

Since its rise in 2017, Video Marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view them every day.* Whether you are targeting donors or abortion-minded women, Video Marketing can capture the attention and engagement your center needs.

Download our FREE guide on Video Marketing to learn more about how to create and use videos to improve your marketing results.

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New Year, New Her: Reaching the Abortion-Minded Woman in 2021

You made it through 2020! As we all breathe a sigh of relief, we also recognize many of the challenges we faced in 2020 will follow us into 2021. But, a new date on the calendar can bring inspiration and hope even though circumstances haven’t changed much.

As you embrace 2021 for all it will bring, we want to introduce you new approaches to most effectively reach abortion-minded woman. Last year changed all of us, and to reach her, there are some important things you need to know.

Download our FREE guide and learn fresh ways to reach the abortion-minded woman in 2021.

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2021 Marketing Calendar!

Social Media is a proven marketing powerhouse for pregnancy centers across the country. From connecting to donors to engaging with abortion-minded women, social media plays an important role in your marketing strategy.

One way to expand your social media reach and boost engagement is to leverage special days, national events, and holidays. Download our FREE 2021 Marketing Calendar today for a reference guide to dates you won’t want to miss.

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Merry Christmas!

We are so grateful for your pregnancy center and the life-saving work that you do. Please enjoy these free social media posts for your client social media accounts on Christmas and New Year’s. We are looking forward to serving you in 2021!

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2020: A Year In Review

 It’s hard to believe we just have a couple of weeks left of 2020. As we look back on this crazy year, we notice a lot of takeaways for pregnancy centers and others in the pro-life movement. As online searches for abortions increase, marketing trends change and Big Tech algorithms threaten to censor various kinds of content, it’s important to have your game plan for the new year.

In this FREE download, we share our top marketing tips from 2020 and our projections for the new year.

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Your Secret Weapon Against Big Tech

If you’ve followed the news, watched any senate committee hearings, or tried to run Google or Facebook ads lately, you’ve likely noticed an increase in censorship from Big Tech. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend, and one of the best ways to ensure abortion-minded women can still find you is through search engine optimization.

In this FREE guide, we share what SEO is and why SEO is so important, especially as it relates to Big Tech censorship. You will see how you can utilize it to stay connected to abortion-minded women in your community.

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Anatomy of a Year-End Email

It seems hard to believe 2021 is just around the corner. While this has been both an unforgettable and challenging year, we are amazed at all that you have accomplished to continue ministering to the hearts and needs of those you serve in your pregnancy center.

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Donor Christmas Video $99 special just for your center!

The Christmas season is right around the corner—a time of peace and joy as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Many of you are beginning to roll out your year-end giving plans in efforts to reach donors and raise funds for the important work you do. Choose Life Marketing has created a powerful Christmas video for you to use on your donor social media, in email blasts, or even for events—with a goal of helping you raise more funds. The video reminds viewers of your center’s ministry and accomplishments during 2020, and closes with an invitation to partner with you.

The cost of this video is $99— it’s a $1500 value!

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Checklist for Responding to Fake Reviews

Over the weekend, a group of misguided activists took to Google and Yelp to leave fake negative reviews of pregnancy centers. These types of “attacks” can be devastating if you aren’t adequately prepared. This week, we put together a FREE checklist so you’ll know exactly what to do to be prepared for future fake reviews, as well as tips to mitigate targeted attacks against your center.

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The Case for Including Abortion Terms in Your Center’s Advertising

Pregnancy centers work day in and day out to empower women to choose life, so why mention abortion in advertising? The pros of mentioning abortion in advertising far outweigh the cons. Our FREE guide addresses the questions pregnancy centers often ask us about using abortion keywords in marketing and covers the top reasons to include abortion terms as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Download your FREE guide today!

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Reach More Clients With Instagram Reels!

In August 2020, Instagram announced the release of “Instagram Reels”—a new way for anyone to create and watch short 15-second multi-clip videos. Similar to TikTok, these short clips have quickly gained popularity with Instagram users.

Download our free guide on how to use Instagram Reels in your marketing to help you reach more abortion-minded women.

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A FREE Guide to Creating Eye-Catching Visuals to Reach Abortion-Minded Women

Gen-Z and Millennials’ lives have become intertwined with social media. On average, the two generations spend over two and a half hours on social media each day—using it as a primary source of news, entertainment, and communication with friends. What’s the catch? Users may only spend 10 seconds looking at a post before scrolling.

This means that within seconds, your center’s visuals must grab the attention of your audience. Are you up for the challenge? Download our FREE guide to learn how to create eye-catching visuals for abortion-minded women.

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A Step-by-Step Plan to Raise Year-End Funding for Your Center

In a recent survey we did at Choose Life Marketing, many of you indicated 2020 has been a struggle when it comes to fundraising. You know year end giving is important – and you are counting on a strong finish. For many centers, nearly half of their donations come in during the fourth quarter of the year. If you have had a challenging year raising funds, you still have time to make up for any event deficits and unexpected expenses. Or, maybe you are ready to look forward to 2021 and God has given you a big vision for your pregnancy center that requires additional funds to support that vision. Now is a great time to raise those funds, too!

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Reaching Gen Z: Creating Effective Instagram Posts

 If you are looking for the best social channel to reach abortion-minded Gen Z women, Instagram is your clear winner. Gen Z is Instagram’s largest user base with 75% of the U.S. population aged 18-24 using the highly visual platform. To reach Gen Z, you need to meet them where they are and deliver highly engaging content that resonates with them.

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Free Donor Video Download

This week, we’re giving away a free donor video! You can use this in your social media strategy or in your donor emails, and we will even customize it by adding your logo for no charge!

This video is free for you to use but may not be edited. Fill out the form to receive your customized video!

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7 Tips for Successful Year-End Campaigns

It’s September, and hard to believe it’s time to start thinking about your plan for your year-end giving campaign. Do you know what stories of impact you want to share? Do you have statistics you want to highlight? Will you be creating direct mail pieces, social media posts and eblasts? What is your fundraising goal for the end of the year? Is your donor website up-to-date and engaging?

Most year end campaigns kick-off just before Thanksgiving and go through the very last day of December. We encourage you not to wait until October or even November as last minute planning may impact your bottom line. This has been a unique year – as you consider year end giving, there is much to share about how you overcame, made an impact despite challenges and share about exciting plans you have for 2021!

Know that Choose Life Marketing is available to partner with you in any of these year-end fundraising tactics. At the end of this guide there is information on a special we are offering this month to support your pregnancy center in reaching your year-end fundraising goals.

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Why You Need SEO

She thinks she needs an abortion. You have the opportunity to offer a better solution.

To reach abortion-minded women in 2020, your website must be optimized with the right keywords and components to show up in her search results. Search engine optimization can strike fear in your heart because you have heard it is important and you know you need it but you have no idea where to start.

Today, we share our top 5 SEO tactics to help you reach abortion-minded women in your community before they find an abortion cinic.  Lives are at stake, and you can reach her first!

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Who’s Ready for a Pop Quiz?

It’s easy to create your website, happily sign off on all of the content, and then never think about it again. But that isn’t a good long-term strategy if your goal is to reach abortion-minded and abortion-determined women in your community.

Test your knowledge of effective websites by taking this quiz and then keep reading to implement website best practices today!

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Important Updates You Should Know About the Abortion Pill

You have likely been faced with the realities of the growing popularity of the abortion pill. It has been marketed to  women as a private, quick, easy fix to their situation – without consequence or sometimes even the need to share with anyone they are pregnant. Two pills and they can move on with their lives. Are you getting lots of calls with questions about it?

FDA regulations stipulate a woman must see a doctor before having the abortion pill prescribed. This is because the abortion pill must be taken within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, and many women don’t know exactly how far along they are without a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. In addition, we know this procedure can also have devastating emotional and physical repercussions for women. They deserve to both be informed and hear these warnings so they know the truth about the pill.

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Blogging Tips & Tricks to Reach More Abortion-Minded Women

Without a doubt, your center needs a strong digital marketing strategy in place to reach the women who need you the most. This is a reality of living in 2020, especially as federal judges and other special interest groups make it easier and easier for women to go online to get abortions very early in their pregnancy. It is imperative to reach them first because you are a voice of truth in their lives – offering life-affirming options to their unplanned pregnancies.

Unfortunately, websites cannot be developed and left alone with only occasional updates to hours and services. They need to be managed regularly to stay optimized to assure traffic to your site. Part of the strength of your digital marketing plan is in keeping the content on your website fresh and updated. And one of the best ways to do that is by blogging. Today we share five tips for creating a blog that helps drive women to your website and to the life-affirming services they need.

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How to Respond to Fake Reviews About Your Center

As the temperature heats up on controversial political issues in our country, we can only expect more confrontations with people and groups who are pro-abortion. Over the last few years, coordinated efforts have been made to discredit the legitimacy and work of pregnancy resource centers. We believe the best defense is a good offense.

In this week’s FREE guide, we outline tactics you can use to counter current and future attacks from such groups. Whether you’re in the middle of a battle or you want to be ready when it comes, we hope you find this guide helpful as you navigate these challenges.

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5 Effective Tactics for Your Donor Social Media

We talk a lot about having separate marketing platforms for your clients and donors. This allows you to share targeted, specific information with your two very different audiences without confusing one or losing the other.

In this guide, we will share about five tactics you can use for your donor social media platforms to increase awareness about your center and generate engagement and excitement about the good work your center does.

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The 9 Point Plan to Raise All the Money You Need

Years ago there was a public service message on TV every night at 10 pm that asked the question, “Do you know where your children are?” Do you remember that?

We have a new question for you:
“Do you know where your donors are?” 

Many pregnancy centers and other pro-life organizations are making false assumptions about their donors giving capacity during this pandemic.  The shortfall for most is not due to diminished donor giving capacity – it is a logistical issue.   If your revenue is down, it is likely due to a postponed or canceled event or  a shift to a virtual event.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by accelerated needs brought on by Coronavirus, against the backdrop of reduced revenue, we have tools to help you.   

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Top Three Tips for Your Fall Marketing Campaigns

How is your center doing reaching abortion minded women? Are you making sure you are present in their digital space? Gen Z lives on their phones – they have never known life without smartphone technology. It’s where they go for everything – music, information, services and help. Often we are asked what is the most important marketing tactic we should be using. This guide addresses that question. Your best strategy will use a combination of tactics working together to make the greatest impact for your pregnancy center.

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What You Should Know About Millennials

As we continue learning more about the various generations your pregnancy center markets to, we interviewed a variety of Millennials this week to learn how they feel about their generation, perceptions of their generation, how they respond to marketing tactics, and more.

We were most struck by the contrast regarding how they view their generation vs. how they know others view their generation. It’s always important to utilize empathy and understanding in your marketing – but it is vital when reaching out to this generation who feels misunderstood. We hope you find their answers both informative and enlightening.

In this free guide, we will discuss how to understand and draw in Millennials. One final note before we dig into their answers: It’s important to remember that Millennials are a generation that now represents your clients AND your donor base. Younger Millennials are in their mid-upper twenties, and older Millennials are pushing 40.

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Learning from Generation Z: What Works, What Doesn’t & Everything In Between

We have the opportunity to work with many pregnancy centers across the country. Most frequently they share their desire to reach the abortion minded and have found it is a challenge to reach them first to offer life-affirming choices before a pregnant woman steps into an abortion clinic. Our heart and mission is to help centers reach women before they walk through those doors. As you know, the target demographic you want to reach doesn’t change – but their habits and how they receive information has changed drastically over the decades.

Gen Z is your target audience. This generation was born between 1996 and 2014. They have never known life without the internet or smart phones and they are used to consuming lots of information instantly and constantly. Without a doubt, in order to get in front of this demographic, you need to have a digital presence.

In this download, we take a deep dive into what it means to be a member of Gen Z. We questioned some teens and young adults who are part of Gen Z and hope their answers are enlightening to you as you plan your marketing strategies to reach them more effectively!

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Fundraising Forecast for 2020

A newly released study by Fidelity Charitable indicates that 80% of major donors plan to give the same or more than they did last year, even in the face of this crisis. Further, the study indicated that most donors do not plan to shift their giving to different organizations in light of the pandemic; they will stay the course by continuing to support their favorite nonprofits and missions they are passionate about. As an added bonus, the recently passed CARES Act also expands tax deductions for charitable giving this year, providing many major donors with a powerful incentive to give more.

What does this mean for you? You need to simply ask.

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Pivoting After COVID-19 for Increased Donor Engagement

I’m sure you are looking forward to getting back to normal. All of us are wondering what “normal” will look like. We long for the days before the pandemic, social distancing, and the challenge of finding toilet paper, sanitizer, and the masks you needed to meet with your clients.

At the same time, we encourage you to look ahead with hope and anticipation of the new normal and the blessings in store. Through every trial, we learn so much. At Choose Life Marketing, we have seen positives come out of this huge challenge for centers across the country. Mainly, we have seen incredible strength in all of you – you were tenacious in staying open and serving clients, you endured much hardship juggling protecting your staff, maintaining your finances and still meeting client needs. You have come out so strong – with new practices that will help you engage more with both Gen Z and your supporters.

Last week we discussed ways pregnancy centers all over America are pivoting to adjust to changes brought about by COVID-19. Changes such as being more strategic with marketing and looking at best practices as you minister to those you serve. In this week’s guide, we discuss ways you can pivot to keep your donors engaged, inspired, and active in the life of your pregnancy center.

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COVID-19’s Lasting Mark: How Will Your Center Adapt?

Let’s be honest. For most pregnancy centers we talk to, this pandemic has been a long road. Adapting how you serve people, worrying about finances and canceled events, keeping up with new technology to communicate with both staff and clients, wondering how long you will have to do all of this… it’s a lot.

While we all desire to return to normalcy, part of moving forward will be learning to adapt to a “new normal.” Women’s ultimate need is the same, but how they pursue solutions to that need has shifted. They are now very comfortable being reached, served and communicated to virtually. How will you respond?

In this guide, we talk about some key ways your pregnancy center can adapt to long-lasting changes from COVID-19 to continue reaching and serving abortion-minded women.

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What is the Google Knowledge Vault?

For the past several years, Google has been working on building a knowledge vault to store knowledge about … everything. Albert Einstein. How airplanes work. Ingredients for dairy free ice cream. Google’s goal is to create a ‘machine system’ that has the whole of human knowledge stored in one place. This will make Google search results smarter and more accurate to what people are searching for online, helping them find the information they need more efficiently.

As of 2014, the Knowledge Vault had pulled in 1.6 billion facts. Of those, 271 million were rated as “confident facts,” meaning a more than 90 percent chance of being true. It predicts this by cross-referencing new facts with what it already knows.

As you read through this, you may have concerns about privacy or how a company like Google can decide truths within the knowledge they compile. The big takeaway today is that the Google Knowledge Vault can impact your pregnancy center in three primary ways. First, it will impact your Google rankings which determines if women will see your site or not. Second, it will impact a person’s experience while on your site. And finally, it will impact whether or not someone seeking information about your services can trust the information on your site.

At the end of the day, reaching your clients with life-saving support and resources is your number one goal. In this free guide, we will help you understand how Google views information so you can maintain visibility as you keep your website ranked high in Google’s search results.

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Combating Planned Parenthood

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in your day-to-day work, wondering if you’re doing all you can to bring hope and truth to women in need of your services as you combat the lies the abortion industry is selling them? It’s easy to look at the lobbying power, finances, and marketing prowess of Planned Parenthood and feel discouraged. The abortion giant seems to have it all and it can feel daunting to take it on.

If you’re feeling a little like David in the David and Goliath story, take heart! David had a plan, and most importantly, he had God on his side. You do, too. No matter how big and intimidating Planned Parenthood may seem, God is for you and with you, providing the resources and light to take on the darkness of abortion.

In this guide, we share eight things you can do today to combat Planned Parenthood. With these tools in your kit, you’ll be able to plan to reach and serve more abortion-minded women, showing them better alternatives than abortion.

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Utilizing Instagram to Reach Abortion-Minded Women

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social media platform that started in 2010. It has grown in popularity over time, making it the preferred social media platform by 85% of teens, followed closely by Snapchat. In addition, 75% of 18-24 year olds and 57% of 25-29 year olds actively use Instagram.
Sound like your target audience? We thought so, too.
In this week’s guide, we will walk you through how best to utilize Instagram as a
marketing platform to reach the abortion-minded women in your community.

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Raising Major Gifts in the Midst of a Pandemic

Raising major gifts in the midst of this pandemic? You are likely concerned about your finances. A survey of nonprofits in early April by Charity Navigator and Reuters News showed that 83% of respondents reported they are suffering financially. The pregnancy centers and other prolife organizations we work with have shared their many concerns over their present and future financial situation due to cancelled or postponed events and donor job loss. These are legitimate concerns for ministries who depend on the generosity of others for their daily income.

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Refreshing Your Social Media to Reach More Abortion-Minded Women

To help raise awareness for your center and reach more women considering abortion, you’ve likely set up your Facebook page several years ago and have been posting on and off ever since. We commend you! You’ve made an investment in your marketing strategy and increased your opportunities for visibility.

However, If you haven’t changed your strategy in the last few years (or even in the last year), it’s definitely time for a refresh! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram constantly change, and the people who visit those platforms change as well.

In this week’s guide, we look at common mistakes people make when posting to social media, and what you can do to correct those mistakes to maximize your effectiveness in reaching abortion-vulnerable women.

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Two is Better Than One–Here’s Why!

One question we get all the time is “Do I really need two websites?” Our answer is a resounding YES! While it may feel like a lot more work, it actually can be very manageable and the payoff in terms of reaching clients and donors with more clarity is huge.

In this FREE download, we talk about why having two websites and two Facebook pages is beneficial, how to get started, and some of the results you can expect to see once you separate them out.

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Free Social Media Graphics for COVID-19

Part of Planned Parenthood’s influence in our culture is their marketing strategy. They post relevant content, establishing their organization as “experts” on the topic of women’s reproduction. We know this is a lie. But, do our marketing efforts measure up when it comes to reaching abortion-vulnerable women?

One way to reach more women and save more lives is by posting content that speaks to their concerns. That’s why our gift to you this week is a set of social media graphics to help answer your clients’ questions about pregnancy and COVID-19. Download these graphics for FREE today!

These graphics are designed to be used as question and answer posts, so you should upload the question and the answer at the same time. We recommend only posting one Q&A at a time, and you can post a different set every day in a week if you want to! We hope these help you engage further with your clients and potential clients!

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How to do Marketing for Your Pregnancy Center from Home

If you’re working from home and wondering how you can continue your marketing endeavors, we have a handy checklist you can use! Think of this time at home as a perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning for your pregnancy center marketing and communications.

In this guide, we cover some quick and simple things you can do to spruce up your online marketing, drive more traffic to your website, clean up your donor list and send more clients through your doors!

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Fundraising in the Face of an Uncertain Tomorrow

Did you know that for the past 45 years, charitable giving increased every year except for three (1977 – the height of the energy crisis and 2008/2009 – the great recession)? Those three years showed a decline in charitable gifts. However, during the 2008/2009 recession, the decrease was in giving that was not relationship based. Those who are most connected to nonprofits have historically stayed connected in hard times. Both your major gift development and faithful monthly givers will carry you through even in the hardest of economic downturns because of your strong relationship with them. Realistically, due to job loss and other factors, you have to expect some donors to take a break from giving. However, trends show that others will step up to help in a big way.

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Best Marketing Tactics During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Though news of the coronavirus has been spreading for a few months, the decisions and actions of the last two weeks have impacted the United States in ways we hadn’t felt before. The mandatory shut down of restaurants, schools and non-essential businesses has caused great concern as many businesses also move to remote-only work for their employees.

For pregnancy centers all over the country, this change has caused uncertainty and raised a lot of questions about how to continue operations. We know many of you want to stay open, but you are concerned about safety for your staff, volunteers and clients. Many directors have had to make difficult decisions about postponing or canceling fundraising events, which raises real concerns about how to make up for budget losses. (Next week, our email will be full of tips on how to stay funded during a crisis.)

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The Keys to Successful Banquet Fundraising

When we speak with pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers across the country, there is a common need expressed in every conversation – the desire for additional funds to have a greater impact. Whether its to help with growing your organization, increasing your staff, marketing, serving more clients, or advocating for life-affirming legislation and pro-life law makers, everyone needs more funding to put their passion into action.

Do you currently host an annual banquet or gala? At Choose Life Marketing, we consult with pro-life organizations of all sizes and missions, helping them achieve their fundraising goals. Though we have various strategies we suggest for successful fundraising, we recognize that many of these organizations rely on their annual events for a significant portion of their fundraising dollars.

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Coronavirus: How is Your Center Responding?

As universities, churches, sporting events, political rallies, and other planned large gatherings continue to cancel in the wake of the coronavirus spread, it is prudent to think about how your pregnancy center will respond. Do you have an emergency plan in place for this pandemic? 

You should, and you can.

Are you concerned about an event you have in the next several weeks? Are you wondering what you can do to prevent the spread of the virus at your pregnancy center? Or, are you thinking about closing your center temporarily? If so, Choose Life Marketing is here to help. This FREE guide includes tips you can use to run a virtual office, demonstrates how to host virtual events and offers tools that help you appeal to your donors as you anticipate unexpected costs during this season of uncertainty.

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Marketing Tactics to Raise Awareness for Your Center

One of the worst mistakes you could ever make is keeping your pregnancy center your community’s best kept secret. To reach both those considering abortion and new donors to help support your mission, you need to make yourself known through marketing well – in smart, strategic ways. 

In this FREE guide, we’ll walk you through the best ways to create a positive buzz about what you’re doing and help more women learn about your services.

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Responding to Fake Reviews

You’ve probably heard of the “Expose Fake Clinics” groups. These activists from all over the country engage in targeting pregnancy resource centers,  launching digital campaigns against them that spread false information about the center. They typically enlist the help of their followers to post fake reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp to try to call into question the legitimacy of the pregnancy center. They will claim your center is a “fake clinic” because it doesn’t provide abortions.

In this guide, we explain what you can do to prepare for an attack like this and what you can do if you are targeted.

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Your Board is a Resource! Use it!

How do you get your Board to fundraise? Your board members do not necessarily have to be people of great means. They just have to be connected, willing to share their connections and willing to participate in the fundraising process. They are one of your greatest ambassadors in your community, especially as they connect friends and family to your organization, and build awareness through representing your organization within your community.

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Raise the Most Money in 2020 Using These 4 Key Steps…

Congratulations! You’ve just closed the books on 2019 and you are ready to start a new year and new decade. Now is a good time to look back and analyze your 2019 fundraising strategy…the good, the great and the not so good. Ask yourself: “What worked and what didn’t?” and use this as you move on to planning for 2020 and beyond.  

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Why Hire a Campaign Consultant?

The one thing that stands between you and the success of a major ballot issue, legislative initiative or election of a pro-life candidate in a tough race is enough funding to do all that is needed.

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Optimizing Google My Business to Reach Abortion-Minded Women

As women seek abortions earlier and earlier in their pregnancies, it becomes imperative for you to do all you can to reach them before the abortion clinic does. The best place to accomplish this is online, and it’s important to utilize every tool available to make sure women know abortion is not their only choice.

We want them to find life-affirming options and support through your center.

One of the most basic and effective ways to help women find your center is by setting up and optimizing a Google My Business profile. Never heard of Google My Business? That’s okay. We’ll walk you through what it is, how it will help you reach more abortion-minded women, and how to get it set up today.

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Driving Up Costs by Competing with Other Pro-Life Groups

For decades, pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers within a community have acted independently of each other. Because each organization has a unique vision and mission, this is understandable. However, when it comes to what you spend to advertise, there are some downsides to your autonomy that are important to be aware of if you want to keep your marketing costs low for pro-life organizations within your same community.

If pro-life groups in the same area are not collaborating about their marketing efforts, it can drive up costs for both organizations. In this guide, we’ll break down why this is true and what you can do to promote greater communication and collaboration in your area.

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Youtube Ad Optimization

In last week’s marketing guide eblast, we shared information and strategies about the top platforms where Generation Z spends time. Remember, the goal of being on social media is to reach your target audience – women who are considering abortion who need to know about life-affirming alternatives.

This week, we’re diving deeper into one of those platforms: YouTube. Because this platform is so popular AND it functions as an additional search engine, it’s important to not just have a presence on YouTube, but also to have a strategic presence.  To learn more about optimizing YouTube ads to reach more abortion-minded women, please download our free guide today.

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Platforms for Reaching Generation Z

Each generation has its own defining attributes, styles of communication, and lifestyle preferences. As technology has advanced, younger generations have become more savvy and more technologically fluent. While Millennials grew up with emerging technology, Generation Z is unique in that it has never known a time without iPhones, social media, and instant connection via the internet. For years, your primary client audience has been Millennials. Like all of us, they are aging! Older Millennials are well into their 30s. Because they grew up during a period of time with great technological changes, it’s become common to associate “Millennial” as “young, techy people,” or just young people in general. But remember, Millennials are getting older and a new audience you must focus more attention on is Generation Z. Today, we’ll look briefly at some distinctions between the two generations and then explore the platforms where Generation Z spends most of their time. This guide will take you through how to engage well on each of these platforms to increase the effectiveness of your communication with Gen Z.

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Why You Need A Marketing Plan in 2020

In a world of ever-changing algorithms, new social media platforms, and changes to advertising policies, it can feel hard to keep up. It’s also tempting to jump on every marketing bandwagon, feeling like you need to invest everywhere. And while it is important to have a presence across the world wide web, it’s important to let a local marketing plan drive your marketing efforts. Instead of chasing after every marketing strategy, you need a strategic plan that informs which tactics to pursue. In this free guide we’ll give you the tools you need to put together a comprehensive marketing plan and tips for knowing when to incorporate new strategies along the way.

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2020 Marketing Calendar

Posting to your social media accounts is an important part of your marketing strategy. But, we know you are so busy running your centers and posting on social media can be time-consuming and one more thing to add to your list.

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New Year, New You: Why Your Brand Matters

If your day job isn’t marketing, you may not have spent time thinking about the importance of a brand or even what a good brand is. You have a million things on your plate and thinking about your pregnancy center’s brand probably isn’t one of them. However, if you aren’t proactive to create and protect your brand, you’ll have little to no control over how your organization is viewed in the community. Today we’ll walk through steps you can take today to improve your brand’s strength and appeal to create a stronger presence for your center in 2020!

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How to Run a Successful Capital Campaign

Have you considered a capital campaign to raise major funds? Your pregnancy center is growing and exciting things are ahead for your center and the people you serve. With growth comes opportunities to make an impact as well as a need for greater donor support. A capital campaign is a focused effort to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time. Often the money raised in a capital campaign is to fund the purchase or renovation of a building, but the campaign’s focus can also include building an endowment for the future. When implemented correctly, capital campaigns can be a highly effective fundraising tactic in addition to your regular fundraising strategy. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been running them for years, in this guide we’ll cover all the basics so you can feel confident running your own capital campaign.

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We are THANKFUL for you!

It’s November – a month of thanksgiving. At Choose Life Marketing, we are so grateful for each one of you and all that you do each day as you faithfully serve moms, dads, and babies, making a difference for life!

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Your Complete Crash Course on Hashtags.

Hashtags entered the social media scene in 2007 as a way to label and organize content, but now people use them for just about everything. With all the hashtags and social media platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Download this guide to learn everything you need to know about using hashtags to engage clients and attract donors!

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An Overlooked but Highly-Valuable Way to Reach More Millennials and Gen Z Clients

Millennials and Gen Z live online and connected to their devices, but that’s not where they want to see advertisements. While many will still respond to ads and posts online, to truly reach these generations effectively, you’ll want to diversify your marketing to reach them in other places as well. In this guide, we’ll walk you through strategic marketing tactics you can use to let more people in these generations know about your services and that you’re there to support them!

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Are You Prepared For The Year-End Donor Season?

The end of the year can get very busy! Have you made your plan for year-end giving? Don’t get overwhelmed making your plan. In this guide, we offer a big-picture look at how you can successfully plan and execute a year-end giving campaign to raise funds for your center.

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How Snapchat Can Get More Abortion-Minded Women Through Your Center’s Doors

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has increased in popularity among teens and young adults. As the app continued to develop from a messaging app to a social platform, it opened the opportunity for organizations to tap into Snapchat’s growing audience. This week’s guide covers Snapchat advertising and how it can help your center reach more abortion-minded women and move them to make appointments.

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How YouTube Advertising Can Help Your Center Reach More Abortion-Minded Women

YouTube is extremely popular across all ages and communities. Key audiences, such as millennials and Gen Z, are using YouTube more than any other online platform. Advertising on YouTube is an accessible, low risk way for centers to explore video advertising and engage the large viewership that YouTube has to offer. If your center is looking to expand its online efforts of reaching more abortion-minded women, you should consider adding YouTube advertising to your current marketing strategy.

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Back To School: How Your Center Can Reach More Students

High School and college students are crucial audiences to engage. While these students might not be in your target demographic or need your services now, as they age they may become future clients. It is important to speak with them now so that they can start building a relationship with your center. As they get ready to go back to school, you can be preparing your marketing strategies to engage them and let them know who you are and that you are there for them. There are a variety of platforms and advertising options your center can use to connect with students in your area. Together these platforms can strengthen your reach and impact lives.

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The New Google Ads Policy: Your Center’s Next Steps

Did you know that Google changed its policies around using keywords related to abortions? If you didn’t, you may be at risk of not being able to run advertisements on Google. This week we will cover what the policy change covers and how to set your business up for success under the new regulations.

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Differentiating Client and Donor Marketing

Are you adjusting your marketing strategies for donors and potential clients? If you’re not, you might be unintentionally causing women in need to look elsewhere for help. This week we cover why you need different strategies to reach donors and clients and the branding differences you should make between the two.

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Reaching Students This Summer

Students will soon be on summer vacation. You might be wondering how to communicate with them as they spread their wings over the next few months traveling, playing sports, visiting colleges, working summer jobs and hanging out with friends.

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An Overview of Facebook Advertising

Are you currently advertising on Facebook? Or, have you thought about it, but you haven’t quite dipped your toes in the water to try it? Whether it’s to promote your services or share about an upcoming event, you know that friends of your center use Facebook and it can be an effective way to advertise. But, do you know the best ways to do this?

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How to Create a Successful Facebook Live Broadcast

You have big dreams for your center, big hopes for your clients and big needs for funding. You know that the key to successful fundraising is taking every opportunity to personally connect with your donors to make this all possible. But you are so busy on any given day as you support staff and volunteers, provide life-changing services to your clients, and run a busy center on a budget.  

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Communicating Through Scripting

You answer the phone and a desperate voice on the other end of the line is seeking abortion services from your center. They ask about how much they are and how soon they can come in. You carefully navigate this conversation, hopeful to quickly connect and build trust while providing truthful information that results in an appointment scheduled, not silence and a hang-up from a frustrated caller on the other end of the line.

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A Guide to Rebranding – Part 2

What are the indications that it’s time for a rebrand for your center? The rebranding process is a big undertaking, but it is necessary to continue effectively reaching and appealing to abortion-minded women. In Part I of this guide, we broke down the signs that your center needs a rebrand and offered a guide of how to successfully rebrand. Now, in Part II, we will go into deeper detail on the elements of a rebrand, including renaming, logo design, color palettes, fonts, and website updating.

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A Guide to Rebranding – Part 1

How do you know when to rebrand? Rebranding is a big undertaking, but necessary in order to effectively reach your audience. In this guide, we will break down what elements go into a rebrand, how to tell if you need to rebrand, and how to do so successfully.

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How Snapchat Can Help You Reach Teens During Prom Season

With prom season coming up, many centers are wondering how they can reach high school students who find themselves pregnant a few weeks afterwards. According to Psychology Today, in a study that surveyed nearly 13,000 high school students nationwide, 14 percent of girls said they had sex on prom night. Over half of those surveyed reported alcohol consumption, which can lead to lowered inhibitions and increased chance of sexual assault. All
of this indicates that there are girls who will need your center’s help and guidance following prom night.

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How to Optimize for Voice Search

Have you used voice search lately? Abortion-minded women around you, especially those who are younger, probably have. If you aren’t an early adopter of this growing trend, chances are that you’ll be joining in soon. Similar to the way Google cornered the search engine market with such overwhelming force that the brand is now synonymous with searching for something online (there’s a reason no one says, “Yahoo it” or “Bing it”). Likewise, voice search will soon become popular enough that it’s the standard. It will not be referred to as voice search. It will simply be called search.

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Why Directory Listings Matter

Google is the number one most used search engine in the world. Since its usage is so prevalent, it makes sense that abortion-minded women who are searching for unexpected pregnancy help will do so on Google. It is so important that you properly optimize your pregnancy center through various popular directories so that they will rank high in Google searches. This will increase web traffic to your site and foot traffic to your center.

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How to Write an Effective Donor Appeal

Building a solid, dependable donor base is crucial to the longevity of any pregnancy center. This is done by understanding how to speak to donors and knowing what matters to them. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to write an effective donor appeal. These practices can be applied to appeal letters, email campaigns, other donor-facing marketing materials, and even in face-to-face conversation with donors.

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Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

Paid Search is one of the most effective tools for bringing more abortion-minded women to your center, and a properly set-up landing page is invaluable to this marketing strategy. A potentially abortion-minded woman would be directed to a landing page if she clicked on a Paid Search text ad for your center. In this guide, we will break down each of the elements that make up an effective landing page.

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Website Best Practices for Pregnancy Centers

Reaching each audience with its appropriate message is a challenge that any organization faces, and for pregnancy centers, this can be even more difficult. Pregnancy centers seek to communicate with two very different demographics – clients and donors. Because the messaging for each audience is so distinctive, pregnancy centers must create separate websites in order to properly serve clients and donors with the specific information they need.

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Tips For Increasing Facebook Likes & Instagram Followers

Social media is one of the top avenues for reaching a pregnancy center’s target audience of women ages 18 to 24. Not only does it allow you to establish your online presence, but it also offers you the chance to engage with these women
and establish a relationship. It’s an important first step to having them make an appointment for services. But, before all of that, you need to get them to follow your account! Here, we’ll provide you with some tips to increase your followers on Facebook and Instagram.

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Marketing Materials You Need For a Successful Donor Banquet

Donor banquets are a big deal for most pregnancy centers. Many of the marketing materials required for donor banquets need a lot of thought and creativity in order to be well-executed, so now is the time to start putting together everything you need to host your PHC’s donor banquet. Here’s a list of the most effective marketing materials for a successful donor banquet for your PHC.

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Get Your PHC Back-to-School Ready

As colleges and universities prepare for incoming students, so should your PHC. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few tactics you can implement to ensure your PHC is fully prepared to reach as many abortion-minded students as possible during this upcoming school year. We’ll go in-depth and talk about the tactics we recommend, why they matter, and how students are lead to call or schedule an appointment with your center because of them.

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11 Musts When Running a Paid Search Campaign

With the right research, preparation, and understanding of the tools, Paid Search can help your center reach even more abortion-minded women. It’s especially important for connecting with those who have not heard of your center but are heading to Google with keywords and phrases related to unexpected pregnancy. Here are 11 musts when running a Paid Search campaign for your PHC.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Google Ads Setup for PHCs

Paid Search is an excellent tool for PHCs to reach more abortion-minded women – but it isn’t effective if you don’t know how to set up a campaign. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to set up a Paid Search campaign so that you can take advantage of Google Ads for your PHC.

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#GivingTuesday Social Media Best Practices

#GivingTuesday, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has seen tremendous growth in the last several years. Billed as the national social media day of giving, it promotes online donations to nonprofits after several days of commercialized “getting.” Here’s a list of best practices to can make the most of this year’s #GivingTuesday.

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2019

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is quickly approaching and falls on January 20, 2019. Whether your PHC has partnered with local churches for many years or this is new territory, learning best practices can help increase the potential for aquiring new donors and prayer partners, as well as spreading the message about the services you offer within your community.

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How to Handle Donor Giving Fatigue

Did you know that there are approximately 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States? While this shows true generosity, it can also mean that 1.5 million organizations are vying for people’s attention and contributions throughout the year. How do you reach your donor audience in a way that won’t fatigue them? In this guide, we’ll offer several tangible solutions to prevent giving fatigue.

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How Snapchat is Relevant to PHCs

Snapchat is one of the most popular forms of social media available today. It may seem overwhelming to dive into advertising through it if you don’t understand the platform or how it works. We’ve created this guide to take you through the world of Snapchat advertising, and how it can be crucial to reaching more abortion-minded women.

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Google Ad Grant Pros and Cons

Google Grants offer $10,000 a month to nonprofit organizations to promote their services, which makes them potentially valuable to PHCs across the country and around the
world. Here is a guide to help you navigate the pros and cons of a PPC Google Grant.

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How Google Reviews Help Women Keep Their Appointments

Google is currently the number 1 review site, by far outranking other sites like Facebook and Yelp. And, 64 percent of people agree that they are likely to check reviews on Google before visiting a location. This tells us that people highly value previous experiences had, and they trust Google to let them know about those experiences. In this guide, we’ll discuss why these reviews matter so much, how to respond to the reviews you have, and how to get more clients to write reviews to build up your center’s reputation.

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How Instagram Stories are Effective for Pregnancy Centers

Instagram Stories, unveiled in 2016, now has double the number of Snapchat active users. That’s right, 400 million people are active on Instagram Stories around the world. Choose Life Marketing is excited to now offer Instagram Stories as a service for your PHC, and in this guide, we’ll discuss how Instagram Stories can help you reach more potential abortion-minded women.

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