Your Spring Marketing Refresh

Though the winter holidays and year-end seem like the most significant
fundraising time, don’t underestimate your springtime fundraising
potential. As the fight for life intensifies, it’s time to advance your
fundraising strategy and efforts.

Financial support is one of the foundations for tangibly supporting even
more women, babies, and families. More funds equal more IMPACT.
What a privilege we have to invite others into the mission of life with
the resources and tools God has given them. For every abortion clinic
in the United States, there are four times as many pregnancy centers.
Let this statistic inspire you to keep going as you see the impact that
fundraising truly has on your local community and the nation.

Spring is upon us, and that means spring fundraising!

We want to give you all the fundraising pointers for spring events,
campaigns, and other fundraising opportunities to get your partners
and future partners involved.

Our marketing team is here to offer you tips for refreshing your
spring fundraising plan and give you our fundraising best practices to
help elevate your fundraising results

Fundraising 101: Best Practices

First, we want to lay a foundation for your fundraising initiatives, regardless of your past
level of success. Maybe fundraising has worked well for you, or perhaps you’re feeling

Whatever stage you’re in, these best practices are a must-have in your fundraising
strategy to see results:

  • Setup seasonal fundraising events (online or in-person)
  • Create a spring fundraising campaign (online or in-person)
  • Aim to increase your monthly partners
  • Review your monthly mailing list and email list
  • Connect with and enhance your relationships with current donors

This guide will expand on these key elements to give you insights for successful yearlong fundraising and unique spring ideas.

Spring Fundraising: Event Ideas

Spring is unlike every other season, requiring unique spring fundraising strategies.
Think of dates and events to promote related to the season you’re in. What Spring
events are coming up that you would want to highlight or promote?

Think of spring weather, getting outside, bike-a-thons, Walk for Life events, etc. People
love any excuse to get outside with their family after being cooped up in winter! Spring
is an excellent time to kick off any fundraising you are doing for a new ultrasound
machine/services, an additional center location, or even a mobile clinic.

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