Blogging Tips & Tricks to Reach More Abortion-Minded Women

Without a doubt, your center needs a strong digital marketing strategy in place to reach the women who need you the most. This is a reality of living in 2020, especially as federal judges and other special interest groups make it easier and easier for women to go online to get abortions very early in their pregnancy. It is imperative to reach them first because you are a voice of truth in their lives – offering life-affirming options to their unplanned pregnancies. Looking for the best lifestyle blogs because you want to start one? Learn the best lifestyle blogs here.


Unfortunately, websites cannot be developed and left alone with only occasional updates to hours and services. They need to be managed regularly to stay optimized to assure traffic to your site. Part of the strength of your digital marketing plan is in keeping the content on your website fresh and updated. And one of the best ways to do that is by hiring a Utah website development company. Today we share five tips for creating a blog that helps drive women to your website and to the life-affirming services they need.

1. Answer their questions

If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, you may have gotten stuck thinking through what to write about. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and wonder what in the world you’d write about on your pregnancy center’s blog. Begin by thinking about what women are searching once their pregnancy test shows positive. 


One easy way to plan for your blog posts is to make a list of the most common questions your clients have. These can be about pregnancy tests, abortion, abortion costs, ultrasounds, or STDs. Try to get inside the mind of a woman facing the perceived crisis of an unplanned pregnancy and write to her.


Remember to keep your topics very targeted to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Your blog is not the place to write about your parenting programs, baby boutique, or anything related to your donors. Keep it focused on questions women facing unplanned pregnancies would ask. You can write about …

  • The abortion pill
  • Surgical abortions
  • Ordering the abortion pill online
  • When to get an ultrasound
  • Pregnancy symptoms


Make a list of the most common questions you’re asked by clients and start writing!

2. Optimize for search engines

Having a consistent blog is great, but if it’s not optimized for search engines it will be less effective. Here are some basic ways you can make sure your blog posts are optimized and ready for Google to find and show to your target clients.


Each blog post should be at least 300 words long. This shows authority to Google and also provides enough information that readers would find useful. You should also break up the text with header tags to make it easier for readers to jump to more relevant sections. Use the keywords that you’re focused on in the blog in your headers as well. Ideally your blog post should not be more than 700 words. 


Try to write about only one keyword or keyword phrase per blog. This will allow you to focus your writing on the topic your readers are interested in, and allow you to provide solid information both for your potential clients and for search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing – it is not necessary to use a lot of words to try to capture a woman’s search to draw her to your blogpost. In fact, search engines may penalize you if you use too many keywords in one post. 


Finally, do research on keywords and search volume trends to know what topics are relevant to your potential clients. Search volume trends will show you how many people are searching for terms like “unplanned pregnancy” and “abortion pill” in your area. Researching these trends allows you to hone in on the exact topics people want to know more about. Just because you think a topic is interesting doesn’t mean it’s what will speak to your clients the most. Consider the phrases they are searching when they first go to Google after their positive pregnancy test. 


If you need help with keyword research or would like information on our SEO audit, please reach out! We’d love to help.

3. Write scientifically

Make sure you provide factual, verifiable information in all of your blogs. If you think what you’re writing is accurate but aren’t 100% sure, look it up to confirm. When possible, you can link to outside sources at the bottom of your blog to provide more credibility to your blog and website.


Keep in mind the difference between what the pro-life community knows is true and what the scientific community supports. One big example of this is birth control. We know one of the mechanisms of birth control is abortive in nature, but that isn’t the common understanding of it. By including additional information on birth control as an abortifacient, you risk search engines questioning your credibility. It may also be distracting to your readers if your blog post describes the innermost details about the prescription.


Instead, if you write about birth control in a blog post, talk about what it was designed for and any side effects it can have on women without mentioning the abortifacient aspect. That way you can still provide helpful, relevant content without wading into controversial territory and potentially keep women from seeking out your services.

4. Write in batches

To save yourself time and also keep yourself on schedule, plan a day or two each month where you carve out time to work on your blogs. Start by hosting a brainstorming session with key members of your client services staff and talk about ideas for different topics. 


Then, make a list of all the topics you want to write about and decide the order in which you’ll tackle them. Delegate them between yourself and your staff and make sure everyone knows when they need to have them completed.


Take the rest of your time and work on outlines for your blogs. You may feel more inspired to sit and write them out later, but brainstorm the direction you want to go and that will help you later when you are ready to write. 

5. Create a schedule and stick to it

Consistency is key for any marketing strategy you choose to utilize. Start slowly and work your way up to more blogs as you figure out your rhythm and how long each blog takes you. Commit to posting one blog per month and then work your way up to two or more from there.


Remember, this is an investment in your strategy to reach abortion-minded women so you can show them the truth and offer life-saving resources. Blogging is a key part of a strong SEO strategy because it provides fresh, relevant content to your website. You can test the strength of your website with one of our FREE SEO audits. Commit to this strategic investment so you can see the fruit down the road as your website increases in the search engine results.


Our Choose Life Marketing content writers love to write! If you want to learn more about the blogging services we offer, or if you have questions about getting your blog started, we’d love to help. Contact us today for more information about marketing tactics to help your center reach more women in need of your services. 

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