Event Marketing Checklist

Fundraising events are the fuel that boosts your pregnancy center upward. Not only do they raise much-needed funds, but they expand your donor base, promote your mission, and build community recognition. 

Every event puts you one step closer to easing the stress over monthly overhead and giving you the freedom to shoot for the moon. An event’s success or failure can mean the difference between purchasing a larger building or simply paying the rent.

So how do you ensure your fundraising efforts are successful? As always, successful events begin with a four-letter word…PLAN. We’ve provided a checklist for your event marketing planning. Use this guide to kickstart your next fundraiser and follow it up with the event marketing golden rule, “After this, we’re getting pizza!”

Everything Starts with a Committee

You wear a lot of hats at your pregnancy resource center. Director, counselor, advocate, gardener, and janitor are just a few you may plop on your head. Another cap you may have to wear is Event Coordinator. 

A successful event requires a team of staff or volunteers to get the job done right. Depending on the type of event, it’s essential to list the job responsibilities and volunteer opportunities available. Do you need someone to choose a venue? Help decide the banquet menu? Create a social media calendar? Reach out to churches? Order invitations? Design t-shirts?  Contact city hall to arrange permits for your fundraising walk? Be specific.

Determine the Type of Event and Date

Your fundraising goals and budget help determine the type of event. You can choose between a lavish annual gala, a Walk for Life, a Baby Bottle fundraiser, or something else. Your event can be in-person, virtual, or a combination of both. 

By choosing a nonprofit event management software, like FundEasy, you can keep track of attendance, easily communicate with sponsors and tap into your supporters with a peer-to-peer campaign. The bigger your event, the more critical software becomes. 

Once you’ve determined the type of event, select your date and time. If it’s an annual event, hold it around the same time every year. Give your team enough time to secure a venue, plan, and successfully market the event. An average timeframe is between 4 and 6 months ahead. 

Before deciding on a date, check community calendars to ensure you don’t have any competition. You must reserve a banquet hall, park, or other location as soon as possible.

Marketing Your Event

Here’s where the checklist begins as you are ready to start marketing. Your team will want to take advantage of everything to get the word out—including your email list and social media platforms.

Professional Presentation

Choose a theme and design a professional-looking event logo. First impressions are everything. Your event should look worthy of extraordinary contributions. An attractive design conveys confidence and professionalism. Make your supporters proud to invite others to attend.

To continue reading, download our full PDF Guide on Marketing Event Checklist.

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