How to Handle Donor Giving Fatigue

Did you know that there are approximately 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States? While this shows true generosity, it can also mean that 1.5 million organizations are vying for people’s attention and contributions throughout the year. As a pregnancy help center. how do you reach your donor audience in a way that won’t fatigue them? In this blog, we’ll offer several tangible solutions to prevent giving fatigue.


If you’re talking to the same group of donors over and over again, they’re more likely to become fatigued. However, if you continue to reach more potential donors in your area, this is far less likely to happen. You can do this by creating a Facebook campaign, accompanied by a landing page that has a submission form that collects visitors’ information. When a person clicks on the ad and fills out their information on the landing page, you can then collect this information for use in future campaigns.


Instead of creating an email and sending it to your entire donor database every time, email segmenting can help limit donor giving fatigue, as well as unsubscribe rates.

Donor email segmenting creates smaller groups of your master donor list based on actions they took on the previous email you sent. A segmented strategy might look something like this:

  • Email #1 – Send to your whole list
  • Email #2 – A subject line change to send to those who did not open email #1
  • Email #3 – A call to action for those who opened email #1, but did not click to donate

And so on. While it takes some time to segment these audiences, it is highly effective for handling donor giving fatigue.


Don’t just send emails to your donor base when you’re campaigning to them. Keep them informed of how their donation contributed to your center. Connect with them and allow them to feel like they’re really part of what you’re doing in your community. Things to include in these newsletters might be:

  • Client stories
  • Events, whether upcoming or a recap
  • Significant changes your center is going through, like renovations
  • Introduction of staff or volunteers
  • A letter from the center director
  • Services you’re adding
  • How needs have been met
  • Prayer requests

There are so many ways you can connect with your donor base through an e-newsletter because there’s so much going on that they want to know about! It’s a valuable way to not only get your donors informed but to also get them excited about the work you’re doing.

Donor giving fatigue is a real issue, as so many pregnancy help centers rely on private donations to continue the work they do. Utilize these tangible methods to keep your donors engaged in what you’re doing rather than overwhelm with requests to give.

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