The Dangers of Having Outdated Content on Your Website

Your website is the beating heart of your center. Just as the heart pumps blood to your body, your website distributes valuable information to abortion-minded women. Having outdated content on your site makes you seem untrustworthy as a center, which is the exact opposite of how you want to come across to women seeking answers and support. These women want to find the accurate information on your site, which could result in them making an appointment.

Outdated content does more than harm your reputation among potential clients. Let’s look through some of the other dangers of having outdated content on your website.


Google Will Overlook Outdated Content


Google is certainly the most widely used search engine. When Google favors sites that constantly update their information, the implication is clear – if your site information isn’t updated, Google will ignore your center’s website. Google will notice when you make updates to your site content and will reward you by moving you up in rankings.

However, this does not mean that you need to add or update site content multiple times every day. As long as you are updating your site regularly with valuable information, Google will add the fresh material to its index, increasing your likelihood of showing up first in search results.

The simplest changes to make are adding content to existing pages, adding new content pages, adding a new blog post or event, or updating your meta data and other SEO tactics. Comments from users also count as updates, so ask for and respond to comments on your blog posts.


Outdated Content Limits Authority Potential


If you continue to post content on a particular topic over an extended period of time, Google will start to recognize you as an authority. A site becomes more of an authority in Google’s eyes as it publishes more pages, as long as those pages provide value. Publishing vague information for the sake of publishing will not help your website, so only post when you have something relevant and useful for your audience.

Beyond Google, frequently posting valuable new information to your site will show your audience that you are in tune with what they need and want. You want readers to notice updates to your site, so they will have a reason to return and a reason to trust the content.


Outdated Content Can Include Services You No Longer Offer


If you are not carefully monitoring your site to ensure that it is updated, you will invariably leave old information on the site that is no longer relevant. When women call and look for specific services that you no longer offer, it could cause them to lose trust and even leave a negative review online.

Your relationship with potential clients is important and the content on your website can make or break it – especially when it comes to making an appointment.


Old Content Can Include Obsolete Health Information


Your center’s website likely contains information beyond the services you offer. If you mention any sort of information on abortion, pregnancy, or another health-related topic, you must make sure that it is in line with the latest research in the medical field.

Even if you are not a medical clinic, you are responsible for the information on your site. Providing obsolete information gives potential clients a reason not to trust your site and opens your center up for criticism from the opposition. Update your content regularly and avoid losing the trust of your audience.


Clients Will be Confused by Old Center Information


This one will seem a bit more obvious, but it is still important enough to mention: you must update your center’s hours and address (if you happen to change locations). Think about how frustrating it is to come across inaccurate hours listed on the site of a business you want to visit. You want to avoid that issue with your center. This all comes back to establishing your center as an authority that readers can trust. Always give your audience up-to-date information so you can show them that you are worth trusting.


Outdated content on your website will damage your center’s reputation. If you need help creating new content for your site, Choose Life Marketing is here for you. Our team will update your page content with new and accurate information that will maintain the trust of your audience. Give us a call today.

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