Attract More Donors With Facebook Targeting

By running ads for an event using a strategically selected target audience, your center will reach more donors and pro-life supporters. Whether you want to increase attendance at an event or increase followers on your donor page, these four Facebook targeting tips will help you get started on creating an effective ad campaign to reach your pregnancy center’s goals.


1. Objective

When creating a campaign through Facebook Ads Manager, you must first select your objective. Ask yourself: “What is my goal?” There are 10 different objectives that Facebook Ads Manager offers. facebook ad objective

Choose an objective based on your goal or action that you want audience members to complete. Do you want to drive traffic to a ticket page, your website event post, or a Facebook event? Do you want to drive ticket sales or awareness? Whatever your goal is, Facebook Ads serve as a powerful tool for spreading the word to potential donors.


2. Audience

This is the most important part of setting up your ad. If you don’t select the proper targeting for your ad, you will be spending more money and seeing fewer results for the campaign. Facebook targeting has more than 10,000 data points from which you can target. You’ll want to select the specific city, within a 20-30 mile radius around the event or your center. This ensures that people who live nearby or within that 20-30 mile radius will see your ad.

facebook ad targeting

Next, you can target by gender and age range. Depending on the event, you can easily set these two parameters to match the type of people you’d like to attend. Finally, you’ll be able to target further by choosing specific demographics and psychographics that help narrow down your audience. For example, you can target someone based on their income, political affiliation, how often they give to charities – along with thousands of other interests or behaviors they engage with on or offline.


3.  Placement

Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose where you would like your ads to appear on Facebook and Instagram. To target donors, it’s best to choose Facebook only. Instagram tends to attract a much younger crowd.

facebook ad placements

When setting up your ad, you can preview it and control where Facebook will display your ad. You can also target based on device (mobile, desktop, or both). Make sure that the Newsfeed and Right Hand Column are always selected, as this is where the most engagement happens.


4. Images

Aside from building the ideal audience, choosing the right image is crucial to your Facebook ad campaign. Compelling images draw the eye in and encourage people to click. A low-quality image or an image that doesn’t resonate with your target audience could cost you more money and turn people away from your event. Images that will attract donors:

  • Typically consist of bright colors and include a photo of a baby
  • Follow Facebook’s 20 percent text rule: This means that any text on the image takes up less than 20 percent of the overall photo. If your image contains more than this, Facebook may disapprove of your ad or charge you more
  • Use this tool to measure text percentage
  • Include pertinent event information on the image like the time and date, so viewers will gather the most important details at a quick glance

facebook advertising

Ready to attract more donors to your next event or fundraiser with Facebook targeting? Choose Life Marketing can create an effective social media campaign to reach more donors. Contact us today for a quote!


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