How Blogging Can Help PHCs Reach and Engage with Abortion-Minded Women

Blogging is a wonderful way to spread brand awareness, add interesting and unique content to your website and strengthen the relationship between you and your clients and donors.

This month, we’re giving you tips on how to write relevant and timely blog posts for your PHC’s client website. Great content can help you establish a level of trust between you and potential abortion-minded women, while simultaneously drawing them to your website through search engines. Be there when they need you most.

These tips should serve as a checklist for how to create an effective blog to better reach and engage with abortion-minded women. Take a look at these five tips for an effective blog. Or click on Do Six Figures to know more tips

1. Headline

Use keywords in your headline and subhead that clearly identify the blog topic. This not only draws attention and makes the topic clear to the reader, but can help search engines pick up your webpage for the results page.

2. Length

Try to keep your blog length between 500 and 600 words. Having a substantial amount of content on each page sends a credible and trustworthy signal to viewers. Search engines also reward webpages that have substantial content by giving them a higher ranking on the results page, making it more accessible to a larger audience. If it’s over 600 words, though, people may become overwhelmed and lose interest.

3. Optimization

Use keywords throughout your blog and in the alt text of all your blog images. This also helps search engines identify your web page more easily and effectively.

4. Links

Establish credibility by linking to reputable sources or linking to other pages on your website. This makes your webpage more reachable by other sites while signaling to the viewer your content can be trusted.

5. Topic

Make sure the topic of your blog resonates with your target audience. To help organize what to write about, create a monthly content calendar with different topics for each month. This helps your overall blog stay consistent and fresh.

For inspiration, here are some topic ideas:

  • How To Know If You’re In A Healthy Relationship
  • Six Ways to Boost Self-Confidence
  • Five Reasons You Should Take Time For Yourself This Weekend
  • How to Keep Up With Long Distance Friendships

Does your PHC need help creating a compelling content strategy that will draw in and resonate with abortion-minded women? Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

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