Get Your PHC Back-to-School Ready

As colleges and universities prepare for incoming students, so should your PHC. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few tactics you can implement to ensure your PHC is fully prepared to reach as many abortion-minded students as possible during this upcoming school year. We’ll go in-depth and talk about the tactics we recommend, why they matter, and how students are led to call or schedule an appointment with your center because of them.

Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is at the very top of our list when discussing college-aged students. Slowly but surely, more and more online searches are conducted on mobile over desktop. And it’s especially true of this particular age range. In fact, 50 percent of those using their smartphones to conduct a local search visited the spot they looked up that same day. And 68 percent used the “call” or “get directions” buttons.

It’s Preferred by Google

First, a mobile site is preferred by Google. In an algorithm tweak that was made back in 2015, mobile-friendly websites actually outrank those that aren’t when people are searching on their smartphones. And when Google itself recommends a tactic, it’s in your center’s best interests to implement it. The number one reason Google recommends it is because nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, and they’re all being used to conduct searches online.

It Helps You Build Credibility

Having a mobile-friendly website also helps build your credibility as an organization. If a woman clicks on your site from her phone and sees that it’s not up to the mobile standard, she’s actually less likely to trust your center. A mobile-friendly design makes it easy for the abortion-minded students who need your services to navigate your site and make an appointment.


Geofencing is simply a virtual boundary set around an actual place. When a woman walks into that boundary, she is served with ads for your center. Geofencing is highly relevant when seeking to reach abortion-minded students because you can set one of these GPS-based “fences” around the high school, college or university near you.

How it Works

Geofencing uses display ads, which are graphics in the form of banner ads or sidebar ads. They’ll appear at the top of an article or within a blog post. These ads are graphics that usually have no more than five to seven words on them. When a potential client clicks on the display ad, she will be taken to a landing page that prompts her to fill out a form or make a phone call.

To get your PHC back-to-school ready, we can enter a specific address to target, like that of a high school or university. Then, we can place a one-mile, five-mile, ten-mile or larger radius around that location. Finally, we ensure we’re truly targeting only those who might need your services by breaking it down further. We’ll only target women within the appropriate age range.

Why it Matters

Geofencing matters because you want the female students in your area to find your PHC. You want your ads to be seen and acted upon by those who can actually come into your center for your services. Targeting doesn’t get more pinpointed and accurate than it does when you’re utilizing geofencing. It can act both as a means for awareness of your center, as well as play into the decision-making process by offering them the chance to call or fill out a contact form.

Facebook & Instagram Retargeting

Retargeting through Facebook and Instagram is a unique and effective digital marketing practice. If your center’s website utilizes Facebook and Instagram retargeting, and a woman exits out of your site after browsing, she’ll be served ads through Facebook and Instagram to remind her you’re there. And, to hopefully help her to the next step of scheduling an appointment.

How it Works

We install a Facebook Pixel onto your website. It will track and tag the users who visit and then leave it. For a set time period, the pixel will serve ads to those women through Facebook and Instagram, encouraging them to make an appointment for no-cost services at your center.

Why it Matters

Facebook and Instagram are both highly relevant platforms for reaching abortion-minded students. Retargeting those student-aged women who visited your website through social media builds awareness and trust of your center’s brand. By having your name and message appear on the social platforms they use on a regular basis, you’re building awareness. When they’re aware of your center and begin to recognize it, that establishes trust.

Getting your PHC back-to-school ready involves utilizing each of these tactics. They work together to get as many abortion-minded students to be aware of your center as possible. When you have geofencing setup for a mobile-friendly website that’s fitted with a Facebook Pixel, they’ll browse your site and be served with ads that build awareness and trust of your center. Then, when they’re on campus and seeing display ads for your center’s services, they’ll recognize your brand and schedule an appointment when they need to.

Want your PHC to effectively reach the students in your area? Choose Life Marketing can help.

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