Important Abortion Pill Updates & What They Mean for Your Center

You have likely been faced with the realities of the growing popularity of the abortion pill. It has been marketed to  women as a private, quick, easy fix to their situation – without consequence or sometimes even the need to share with anyone they are pregnant. Two pills and they can move on with their lives. Are you getting lots of calls with questions about it? 


FDA regulations stipulate a woman must see a doctor before having the abortion pill prescribed, the Ava Health in Portland can help you with any information you need on the topic. This is because the abortion pill must be taken within the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, and many women don’t know exactly how far along they are without a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. In addition, we know this procedure can also have devastating emotional and physical repercussions for women. They deserve to both be informed and hear these warnings so they know the truth about the pill.


However, in July a federal judge in Maryland decided otherwise. He ruled that because of coronavirus cautions and restrictions, it was too challenging for women to get to their doctor first. In response, this judge determined women no longer need to see a doctor in person prior to receiving and taking the abortion pill.

Plan C is on the rise and will only grow in availability after this ruling. The abortion pill already has dangerous consequences for women. Removing the “protection” of seeing a doctor prior to taking the pills will make those consequences worse and could greatly increase the use of this abortion method – meaning more baby’s lives lost and more women faced with lifelong consequences of their abortion decision. 

To protect women and babies from this heartbreak, it’s so important that you reach them first. In this guide, we will discuss strategic online tactics that are proven effective in reaching abortion-minded women as they search for information on the abortion pill. 

How to Reach Her First



Blogging is perhaps the easiest strategy to implement because most pregnancy centers have someone on staff  who has writing skills and it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. Blogging helps with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as you strategically choose blog posts on topics that women are searching for when it comes to abortion, abortion costs, the abortion pill, and Plan C.

First, pick the topics you want to write about. Here are some of our ideas based on what women are searching online every month:

    • The difference between Plan B and the Abortion Pill
    • Can I order the abortion pill online?
    • How much does the abortion pill cost?

Next, you’ll want to make sure your blogs are optimized. Each blog should be at least 300 words long; anything shorter than that isn’t seen by Google as credible. Try to also stay under 700 words so your blogs remain readable for people browsing your website.

You also need to make sure what you write is considered scientifically accurate by the mainstream. For example, you should not write in your post about Plan B that it is an abortifacient. It’s not relevant to the topic you are addressing and will not be seen as credible by Google.

Don’t keyword stuff! Focus each blog on one keyword or phrase and make it informative about that one topic. And finally, make sure you have your keywords (Plan C, abortion pill, etc.) in header tags on your blog.

To be effective, you should post at least 1-2 blogs per month, creating a content calendar and assigning blog posts to your staff if necessary. Follow these best practices and your blog can help you reach more abortion-minded women. 

For more blogging tips, or information on the Choose Life Marketing blogging services for pregnancy centers, visit our website at


Pay-Per-Click Ads

Remember, being where she is means something different today than it did even a few years ago. Now, to reach her, you MUST be online and in the right places. Google pay-per-click ads allow you to capture a woman’s attention as she’s searching for abortion pill information online. If she is googling information about abortion, your ads and website can be right there to meet her.

Every set of keywords you choose for your ads needs to have a corresponding landing page instead of directing a woman to your website. So instead of a woman getting lost within your website as she looks for information, this enables you to provide quick answers that speak directly to what she’s searching for as well as a very direct way for her to reach out to you – most often through calling, texting, or online scheduling. For example, if you are running a set of ads about the abortion pill, you will need a separate landing page dedicated to the abortion pill. 

Your landing page should have a clear call to action: Schedule an appointment to learn important information before ordering the abortion pill. Also on the landing page, stress the importance of confirming the pregnancy with a pregnancy test and learning more about the pregnancy with an ultrasound. Most women don’t know there’s a narrow window of time in which they can take the abortion pill, so ultrasound is crucial.



In addition to blogging and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, your next best strategy is a well-optimized, user-friendly website.

How long has it been since you’ve updated your website? We recommend a refresh or redesign every three years. Your site should be easy to navigate and the information easy to find. If users perceive your website as outdated, if it opens slowly or they have a hard time finding things, they will bounce. A high bounce rate can negatively impact your SEO rankings and your ability to reach abortion-minded women.

You should have two websites as well. One website for your clients that is laser-focused on getting appointments, and a separate site for your donors. Remember, you have very different messages for your clients and donors, so it’s wise to have two different websites where they can both go to get the information they need. 

Your website’s imagery should feature photos of positive, empowered women to portray how women can feel in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. Within your website, each of your services should have its own page, and each page should have at least 300 words of copy. This signals to Google the authority of your site.

Remember, your website is not only your first introduction to people but also the primary way they will get in touch and schedule appointments. Every page should have links and easy navigation to your contact page and information to make that process as easy as possible.


Search Engine Optimization

You can have the best-looking website in the world but if it isn’t optimized, it won’t be effective. Search engine optimization (SEO) utilizes keyword-rich content on topics your clients are searching for to elevate your website in search engine results. SEO ties many marketing strategies together to make them comprehensive and coordinated for the most effective results. 

If you want to see women come to your center instead of ordering the abortion pill online, you need an SEO strategy in place.

There are many technical aspects of SEO, but a good strategy utilizes keyword-rich content throughout your website and will also include a plan for your Google My Business. 

Google My Business (GMB) is FREE real estate that Google provides that brings you up in searches and puts your center on Google Maps. When someone searches “abortion pill near me,” if your Google My Business page is optimized, your center will come up in their map on their phone in their search. Your GMB page cannot be left stagnant; it needs to be regularly updated with accurate hours, follow up on reviews, and pictures posted. 

For more information about Google My Business, check out the Free Resources section on our website.



To reach women before they utilize the abortion pill will require strategy and a commitment to that strategy. You should focus on these key marketing tactics:

    • Blogging
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
    • A stellar website with great user experience
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Remember, your goal is to reach women before they order the abortion pill online. This means you are having to reach them earlier than ever before. Include these tactics in your 2021 budget, sharing with donors the importance of having a strong online presence in efforts to reach pregnant women considering abortion first. 


We’d love to help you create the perfect plan for your center to reach women in your area with the life-affirming, life-saving information they need before ordering the abortion pill online. Contact us to speak with our team about your marketing needs and goals today!


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