Keeping Your Donors Informed & Engaged

You take part in a life-giving mission, and so do your donors. Stay focused and encouraged by keeping the vision in front of your faithful supporters in the fight for life. What an honor it is to have people come alongside you and support mothers, babies, and families.

Everyone these days seem to have busy schedules. They are at capacity and sometimes distracted. It’s normal to have moments where your donors are less engaged. It’s good development practice to continually remind them of the impact and great value they bring to your center and clients. The more they can visually see the impact of their giving and support, the more encouraged they will be to keep engaging in this battle for life.

We all need a reminder of our WHY and the real impact being made on a daily basis. Remembering the goal of reaching the abortion- determined woman keeps your heart in the game. Generations are being impacted in ways you will never know.


Step one: Get your team together and remind yourself of the growth and vision you see as a center. Create practical goals, have celebrations when you hit goals, and lean into the heart of your center. When coming up with your vision and goals, remember your donors. They play a huge part in your success.

Believe it or not, donors want to know what’s happening with your center and how they’re contributing to lives being changed and saved within your center. Here are some easy ways to get started in casting vision to your donors and showing them the real impact of their giving and support:

1. Donor Interaction With Email Marketing

Think of email marketing as a conversational way to update your amazing donors! It’s a great time to share life-changing stories and let them know about upcoming events and opportunities. Some supporters are solely financial supporters while others are looking to give their time and talents for this great cause of life.

You can take advantage of email marketing with emails that:

  • Share stories of impact
  • Inform donors about your current needs (volunteer opportunities, events, outreach, etc.)
  • Engage new possible donors
  • Send thank you emails & encouragement about the difference they’re making with their support
  • Get donors involved with questionnaires (donors love to be heard)

If you are close to your donor banquet, Walk for Life, or end- of-year campaign, email can motivate your donors to be more involved. Our graphic designers at Choose Life Marketing can help create visually-appealing email templates for your center and craft an effective email strategy. Based on the action of previous emails from your donors, we can create email messaging to adapt. Learn more about how we can help develop these for your pregnancy center.

2. Storytelling With Video Marketing

More and more people online are using video marketing to capture the hearts of people. Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts. Video marketing is an incredible tool to use to capture the heart of a story. A great video shares creative visual elements and words that compel a person to action.

There are creative ways to engage your donors with real stories from your center. Share frontline insights from your team, client testimonials, fundraising event updates or even create an encouraging thank you video for your donors! Stories have a way of pulling on our heartstrings. Video storytelling unveils the reality of your impact and showcases the stories of women you’re helping every day.

3. A Website Refresh

Your website may need a little refresh and love. Your website is like the first handshake to your center, so it’s essential to keep the information on it updated, especially for current and new donors. If you have a separate donor site, revamp your site with current pictures of your center, new client testimonials, and fundraisers and event opportunities. Updating all the little details is a great way to showcase the growth happening at your center.

We recommend revamping your website completely every three years. Taking time to invest in redesign can dramatically impact your donor’s online experience. Reach out to us if you would like our team of web designers to elevate your donor site through design and more.

4. Using Social Media to Develop Awareness

Donors want to know more about you and the reach of your center! They want to partner with you to keep you from being the best kept secret. A great way to spread awareness is to share about the work of your center through your donor focused social media pages. Highlight client stories, fundraising events, collaborations with community partners and ways to get involved.

You can expand your reach and impact by using your social media platforms to develop awareness in your donors’ circles of influence. This not only is a great way to reach them, but also their friends, family, church friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Some practical ways to update your donors on social media is to create “like” campaigns, post videos, design posts that inspire, share statistics, and inform them about outreaches and events you’re doing both on your own or with your community partners. Real impact happens when we come together!

If you want to learn how to step up your donor engagement, our Choose Life Marketing team can help. Sometimes the smallest adjustments made to your donor outreach plan can change everything!

Our team of marketing professionals and designers can help come up with a plan of action. Our digital strategists can implement donor Facebook campaigns that reflect your goals and serve your target audience.

Give us a call at 573-445-9295, email us at, or visit our website at to learn more about how we can help!

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