Marketing in the Middle of the Funnel

Just like it’s easy to pass over the middle seats of an airplane or the middle child of the family, it’s easy to miss the middle of the marketing funnel. We covered the top of the funnel, the valuable tool of social media, last week. Now it’s time for step two of the marketing funnel: marketing website content and optimizing for search engines! 

Marketing in the middle is where you get to bridge the gap between developing awareness and conversion, offering education to your audience through valuable online content. At this stage, women are trying to find answers to their many questions and learn if your services and support are a good fit for them. 

What is the Middle of the Funnel?

Recap of the Marketing Funnel

First, let’s do a little review of what a marketing funnel is, just in case you missed it. A marketing funnel is a model that shows how potential clients move from awareness to consideration to conversion. 

As marketing funnels are unique to each industry and consumer, our marketing experts at Choose Life Marketing utilize an effective marketing funnel specifically for pregnancy resource centers. This strategy helps to get women to your doors to receive the support they are looking for in the midst of their unplanned pregnancy. The three steps of the marketing funnel include:

  1.  Social Media (top of the funnel) for awareness
  2. SEO & Websites (mid-funnel) for consideration
  3. PPC (bottom of the funnel) for conversion

Middle of the Funnel: Content Marketing with GBPs, Blogs, & SEO

The middle of the funnel is the consideration stagean important part of connecting with the women you want to reach. Creating strategic content for this middle stage is vital to continuing to bring solutions to their unexpected pregnancy and provide women with a simple call to action. 

Once women make it to this point of the funnel, they are closer to considering your services and support. Build trust with women by letting them know you’re an expert in this area! Create more dialogue and offer valuable content for women in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies. Use this small window of time to direct women to your center, and offer them the confidence and support they need to choose life!

1. Google Business Profile (GBP)

GBP is a free advertising tool that brings people through the marketing funnel, straight to your site, and ultimately your center. Not only is this free real estate for your center, but it’s great for your search engine optimization (SEO). GBP helps reach abortion-minded women right in your area as they search for pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and abortion services near them. Use this space to post about your services and support, meeting women right where they are. 

Creating regular GBP posts will allow you to rank higher on Google, giving your center more visibility online! A good goal is to start posting at least once a week and track your progress from there. At Choose Life Marketing, we can help you get set up with GBPs, create a simple posting strategy, and create posts for you weekly. 

2. Target Abortion-Minded Women with Blogs 

Blogs are vital for the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. Great blogs capture women’s online searches, answering their pregnancy questions and offering valuable and accurate medical advice that directs them back to your center and leaves them wanting to know more. What you write about and the tone of writing matter to women searching for answers about their pregnancies.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, simply start with writing one blog every month and work your way up. Blogs should focus on keywords and phrases that abortion-minded women are searching for on Google. For your client-focused website, we recommend avoiding any blogs on parenting classes, donor content, or diaper drives. Abortion-minded women are not looking for that type of content and it might actually turn them away from seeking help from you. Instead, blog topics that include:  “What are the Risks of Abortion?” or “Do I Need an Ultrasound?” are more effective at capturing their searches and attention. Go to for additional information on how to properly put together a blog to reach your clients. 

3. Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the greatest tools for the consideration stage, bringing your content to the top of Google for women to see! When your content is optimized with SEO correctly every month, you make your content more visible to women or men searching for keywords through Google.

SEO can be incorporated into many forms of content online including blogs, GBPs, and your center’s website. A great SEO strategy will work wonders at putting your content in front of women before your competitors’ content, and pointing abortion-minded women in your direction.

Other Consideration Stage Content Could Include:

  • Using abortion and pregnancy-related keywords within your content
  • Blog posts that are focused on the searches of abortion-minded women
  • Weaving in statistics and case studies
  • Having up-to-date medical information with credible medical sources
  • Answering your audience’s questions clearly and in great detail
  • Adding client testimonials to your website and blog posts

Creating an effective marketing funnel is easier than you may think! We are here to help you bridge the gap between awareness and conversion with strategic content marketing for your website. Get help from our team of expert writers, designers, and strategists to start a plan and lead women through the marketing funnelfrom their phones to your center. Don’t miss any opportunity to reach women and offer them help, hope, and life-changing support. 

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