Mobile-First Marketing for Pregnancy Centers

Data from numerous pregnancy resource center websites and marketing campaigns reveals that nearly 100% of traffic is sourced from mobile phones. Women ages 15 to 29 years-old use their smartphones to search for your services. It is imperative that your center’s marketing takes a mobile-first approach in nearly every digital medium, from your website and social media to your Google ads.

1. Website

Have you looked at your center’s website on your mobile phone? Do you believe it’s mobile-friendly? If your site checks off these boxes, then your website is optimized for mobile.

  • Content fits within the display on a mobile screen
  • Text is large and legible
  • Buttons are large and easy to click
  • Phone number is easily seen and clickable
  • Page speed is fast
  • Menus are user-friendly
  • Test to see if your website is mobile-first on Google

2. Search Engines

If your website is not optimized for mobile through a method such as “responsive design,” you may not show up in search results on Google. Here is how SEO best practices can help you reach abortion-vulnerable women through mobile:

  • Website is responsive
  • Site is indexed and listings are updated
  • Google My Business Listing has been created and maintained
  • Direction and phone number or website and listings are easily clickable
  • Online reviews and reputation are monitored continuously

3.  Paid Search (AdWords, SEO)

Advertising with Google offers a variety of options for pregnancy resource centers. There are things you can do to make your ads perform well on mobile phones. Use this checklist as a guide to creating effective pay-per-click ads for your center:

  • Use phone, text and location extensions
  • Increase bids on mobile
  • Use ad extensions during your center’s hours of operation
  • Ads link to a responsive landing page

4. Social Media

The majority of 18- to 29-year-olds are accessing social media through their smartphones. How do you reach them? Use this checklist for creating content on social media that is mobile-first and appealing to your audience.

  • Run ads for women accessing Facebook and Instagram through mobile only
  • Target women using iPhone and Androids only, along with other relevant targeting metrics
  • Ads images and text that fit within mobile advertising standards
  • Use analytics to gauge ad results on mobile
  • Utilize images and videos for optimal engagement on mobile

5. Landing Pages

Your landing page should be easy to view and interact with on a mobile device. If your contact form isn’t displaying correctly, then smartphone visitors are less likely to enter their personal information. You should also make it very easy for users to contact you via phone, text or email.

  • Add phone and text numbers at the top of the page
  • Make phone, text and email contacts clickable
  • Use large form fields that are easy to fill out on mobile
  • Include multiple buttons that redirect to the top of the form
  • Proof landing pages in mobile view
  • Double check that buttons work correctly on mobile devices

Ready to enhance your mobile-first marketing strategy? Contact us to get started!

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