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Waterleaf Women’s Center is a pregnancy resource center outside Chicago, Illinois. They are located right around the corner from a Planned Parenthood clinic, so it is imperative they reach women before they schedule their abortion appointments. To help them accomplish their goal, we implemented an integrated strategy utilizing various targeting options, including search engine optimization, geofencing, and social media advertisements.

Search Engine Optimization

Waterleaf Women’s Center has seen over 161,000 search impressions since working with Choose Life Marketing. This is an increase of 218% over less than two years. SEO is a crucial part of the marketing funnel to lay a solid foundation of awareness for pregnancy centers. When Big Tech changes, SEO isn’t as affected, meaning the foundation doesn’t go away if other tactics and strategies have to change.


Because of Waterleaf’s proximity to Planned Parenthood, geofencing has been an important part of their marketing strategy. They’re able to reach women who may be sitting in the Planned Parenthood waiting room with advertisements that cause them to consider an alternative to abortion. In our time working together, Waterleaf’s geofencing ads have had 4.33 million impressions.

Social Ads

Another piece of the digital marketing strategy we’ve implemented for Waterleaf is social media advertising. It’s essential pregnancy centers reach women where they are, which is usually on social media. In our time working with Waterleaf, we have reached 204,368 women, resulting in 74,922 actions taken: link clicks, page likes, and post engagements.

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