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Palm Beach Women’s Clinic serves women at risk for abortion in their community. They wanted to make sure their branding and web presence was appealing and welcoming for women strongly considering abortion. Palm Beach Women’s Clinic offers their services at no cost to their clients so women feel comfortable exploring all of their options.

Virtual Geofencing

Virtual geofencing allows you to target users who have visited specific URLs. Palm Beach Women’s Clinic has had 504,000 impressions for their virtual geofencing ads. This strategy is great for reaching women visiting websites to try to learn more about how to get an abortion so you can offer an alternative.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat advertising has been an effective strategy for Palm Beach Women’s Clinic in reaching women where they are — on social media. They’ve had a reach of 385,493 and counting, and 145,652 viewers have taken an action after seeing the ads. Actions include things like clicking on a link for more information.

Paid Search

For conversions, Palm Beach Women’s Clinic has invested in paid advertising on Google. The results have been 205,000 impressions and 4,680 conversions. That means 4,680 women have clicked on an ad and visited a landing page, many of whom have gone on to schedule an appointment at the clinic for life-affirming resources and support.


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