In 2022, Minnesota Democrats gained control of their state legislature. With Roe v. Wade overturned, state Democrats made it their mission to enshrine abortion rights into their state constitution.

Seeing what was unfolding in state government, Pro-Life Action Ministries (PLAM) engaged Choose Life Marketing to help them with a communication strategy to advocate against the passing of Bill 1. This bill aimed to add abortion as a right to the state constitution and remove restrictions such as parental consent to abortion for minors.

Research & Campaign Strategy

PLAM partnered with Choose Life Marketing to help with the discovery phase, research, campaign strategy development, and integrated campaign management.

Originally, PLAM provided Choose Life Marketing with the names of five Democratic district senators who could potentially vote against Bill 1. After research, CLM narrowed their five senators down to the two who were the most likely to change their vote.

Choose Life Marketing targeted all five districts but especially focused on the two districts with the greatest likelihood of voting against Bill 1.

Choose Life Marketing put together a robust six-week campaign, which included:

  • Email campaign design, copywriting, and management
  • The development of an online pledge
  • Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube ads
  • Regular social media posts
  • Nine videos of varying lengths spanning from 10 seconds to two minutes
  • Three radio ads ranging from 15 to 60 seconds
  • Billboard design, printing, shipping, and rental
  • Postcard design, printing, and mailing

Marketing Results

Through the duration of the six-week campaign, PLAM reached hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram)

  • 149,218 users reached
  • 442,160 impressions
  • $28.05 cost for a thousand impressions (CPM)


  • 8,940 users reached
  • 34,429 impressions
  • 29 clicks 


  • 1,920 ads run 


  • 430,397 impressions
  • 113,046 video views
  • Average cost per view was $0.02
  • 446 clicks to the website

Display Geofencing Ads

  • 272,881 impressions 
  • Average cost per click was $0.69
  • 2,369 clicks to the website


Unfortunately, the heavy marketing efforts were not enough to change the vote of the state senators, but the work of PLAM did reach hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans, causing them to contemplate the life issue and leading hundreds to sign the online pledge, which helped grow PLAM’s email list.

Complete Campaign Strategy

2024 will be a pivotal political year across the country. Choose Life Marketing can help craft your comprehensive campaign strategy and create a custom marketing plan to help you accomplish your goals and reach voters and legislators in your state.

Contact us today for more information.


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