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Kansas Family Voice is a pro-life, pro-family lobby group in Kansas. They advocate for policies to protect families and parental rights, and against policies that would infringe on family-centered conservative values.

Social Media Marketing

For this client, we wanted to rebrand and grow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram under their new name and mission. Working with their budget limitations, we were able to grow their page by 2,108 likes and increase their reach to 130,061.

Web Design

For Kansas Family Voice, we initially met with the client to determine their different needs to be filled by the website. After identifying both competitors and organizations in similar niche markets, we determined the primary issues to address through the homepage and navigation while simultaneously developing the moodboard to determine best colors, typography, and imagery style for the website.

Our team takes time and careful consideration to ensure all responsive sizes are being addressed to meet the needs of the site viewer whether using a phone, tablet, or desktop to view the site. After confirming general design direction with Kansas Family Voice, our skilled team of developers gets to work developing the staging site for all size formats, and including any responsive behaviors.

We integrate client review at multiple stages both for content and design confirmation, then the site goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance stage through content, design, and developer teams to ensure the website is functioning properly and meeting it’s intended goals.

The final stage after client approval is site launch. Our team of developers works to get everything transferred and life, implementing constant quality checks along the way. Now the live site is available and able to be used for it’s intended purposes.


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