Donor-Facing Campaign Development & Management

Choose Life Marketing has successfully strategized and implemented donor campaigns to help pregnancy centers reach their fundraising goals. Donor campaigns begin with a kickoff meeting so that our team understands your donor demographic and your goals for the campaign. Our team will then meet internally to strategically create impactful content, ads, and more.

Segmented Donor Email Campaigns

Segmented email marketing has proven to be an effective method of reaching donors with your center’s message and giving calls-to-action (CTAs). Once we establish the length of your donor email campaign, we will create an email template, write content and design custom graphics for each email throughout the campaign. Email messaging is targeted toward the action a donor took on the previous email.

Donor Facebook Campaigns

Our digital strategists will develop ad copy and graphics that reflect your donor campaign goals. Once approved, the ads will be served to a specific target audience that we develop based on your donor demographics, email list, and more. The ads will be tested and managed throughout the length of your campaign.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns are often several years long and require a strategic plan in order to be successful. The content specialists and digital strategists at Choose Life Marketing can help you create that strategy, develop branding and voice guides for your capital campaign, as well as run email marketing campaigns, design Facebook ads, and much more. To learn more about capital campaign marketing, contact us today.

We understand that without donor campaigns, most pregnancy centers would not be able to provide the life-saving services they offer to women in the community. The team at Choose Life Marketing can help you develop and manage an effective donor campaign to help your pregnancy center reach its goal. If you’re interested in any of our donor campaign services, let us know! We’re ready to get started.

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