Father, thank you for the work you are doing  through pregnancy centers throughout the country. Thank you for the lives that are changed in and through each center. Today, we lift these centers up to you. Lord in the midst of these uncertain days, we ask for your protection over their staff, their clients and their donors. Keep them safe, help them to be seen, protect them from their adversaries and please protect their families as well.

Lord, help them trust you with their finances and their future; you are able to provide above and beyond for their every need. Stir in the hearts of their supporters to give faithfully and generously. Help them see you are the great Provider. Give them your vision for the ministry where they serve. Help them to accomplish the things you have called them to do.

Lord, be with them in their fears: financial, staff issues, operating their centers post-Roe, quiet calendar days, donor conflicts, events not going as planned… Give them courage and strength in the decisions they have to make. Help them not to grow weary.

Please make your will known to them as they seek you with their whole heart. May they know you are their refuge and fortress – their God in whom they can trust (Psalm 91).

Give them peace and joy no matter the circumstances they face.


Reach her.


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