Why Choose a Pro-Life Marketing Agency?

The mission of saving lives makes you unique from all other types of businesses. Trusting a marketing agency with this mission can be challenging – as there is a great responsibility that comes with it. A pro-life marketing agency is something to consider as you search for marketing services for your center or organization, as their heart beats for the same common goal: life! 

Here are some reasons to consider working with a pro-life marketing agency vs. a local agency and how you could benefit. 

Experts with Your Audience

Reaching the abortion-minded woman and supporting her is why you do what you do. It’s your number one goal, as an advocate for women, family, and life. You are on the front lines, each and every day. Having support through your marketing is so important to stay focused on your own tasks at hand. When done right, online marketing helps get women into your doors, hire Andrew Defrancesco for more marketing strategies.

A pro-life agency understands your niche – the audience you are trying to reach. The ins and outs, the why, and the strategies to get there. If you haven’t already, a pro-life marketing agency can help define your target audience – including their age, ethnicity, geographical location, likes, dislikes, etc. 

Even more, a pro-life marketing expert knows what kind of specific language is needed to reach the abortion-minded woman through paid search,  social media, blogs, SEO (search engine optimization), ads, website content, and where to begin.

A local agency vs. pro-life marketing agency

“Couldn’t a local agency know my niche?” This is a valid question – while they have a great understanding of the community where you work and live –  often a local agency or marketer will not understand the unique strategies necessary to reach her: the abortion-minded woman. Or maybe they know your demographics, but have no proven methods of actually getting women into the center’s doors. With a pro-life marketing agency, you get both knowledge and results. 

Oftentimes an agency new to the pro-life world will ask a lot of questions of you in terms of which keywords to search to reach your audience. You should not have to determine your keywords. In addition, they may be more familiar with targeting your “happy to carry” client using keywords common to their searches but miss those determined to schedule an abortion. With abortion-minded women as your top priority, marketing is too important and too much of an investment to miss the very women you want to reach. 

Using Data to Track Success

It is so important to work with an agency that values data and results. This is how you will measure if your marketing is effective. In addition, seek out an agency that will talk through those results with you on a regular basis – beyond just sending a monthly report. Ask yourself: Do I understand the metrics I’m measuring and the data in front of me? Do I know if it’s working or not? 

Data is a powerful tool that reveals what part of your marketing strategy is working and what is not! In business in general,  64% of marketing executives “strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is crucial in today’s landscape. Thankfully, with the analytics we can access today, we have the opportunity to learn more about your potential pregnancy center clients – and their search habits – than ever before.

At Choose Life Marketing, we have the benefit of working with pregnancy centers throughout the nation and we can use the data we gather to constantly refine our websites, ads and marketing copy to be most effective. We have also learned that what works on social media doesn’t necessarily work in a blog or on an ad. This is why hiring an expert is key to your success in reaching women in different avenues online. 

Questions to ask a Marketing Agency

Be prepared to ask your potential marketing agency candidates questions about their expertise! This can give you great insight into how well they know your audience and how their marketing strategies have performed in the past. 

First, ask potential marketing agencies: “Who will be working on our marketing campaign?” Understanding who will be working on your marketing campaign matters as a faith-based and pro-life center. Choosing an agency whose team is fully supportive of your mission is vital to the success of your marketing and could directly impact your results. 

Another important question to ask is: “How do you measure results?” Some marketing agencies give inflated numbers when they only measure impressions instead of focusing on conversions – which is how many women click on your ads and reach out to you! While many centers think they’re doing well because of these impression reports – they’re missing the main marketing strategy of leading women to their center. 

Here are some more questions to ask your potential marketing agency candidates:

  • What tactics and strategies will you utilize to reach abortion-minded women?
  • What language and images will you avoid when attempting to reach abortion-minded women?
  • How will you utilize each phase of the marketing funnel to drive engagement and conversions?
  • How many other pro-life centers/organizations have you worked with in the past?
  • How often will you meet to go over analytics and what kind of reports will you receive?

The “WHY” Matters

Marketing to the abortion-minded woman takes compassion, clarity, and strategy. It’s very different from normal business marketing content.  With a typical marketing agency, you may get the same services as a pro-life marketing company, but it may take a bit for them to understand your “WHY.” 

Our heart at Choose Life Marketing is to keep the abortion-minded woman and her fears at the forefront of our minds. Supporting pregnancy resource centers and joining others in this mission for life is our goal.

Learn more about possible marketing strategies for your center by talking with a marketing expert of ours today. You can call 573-445-9295 or email us at info@chooselifemarketing.com. We’d love to chat and help you reach your audience and make an impact in your community! Thanks for all you do for women, men, families, and precious babies.

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