Don’t Ignore the Top of Your Marketing Funnel

Coming up with a marketing plan for your pregnancy center can seem overwhelming, but when you break it down into practical steps, it has a way of becoming easier to understand and create as you make a plan.

A marketing funnel consists of three different stages: awareness, consideration, and conversion. All stages are needed to attract and convert, specifically directing abortion-minded women to your center to make an appointment.


Why do you need social media? Why is it the best first step to your marketing plan? We want to tackle all of these questions so your marketing can go from creating aimless content to creating strategic content that drives real results—more abortion-minded women in your doors.


A marketing funnel is a model that shows how potential clients move from awareness to conversion. While a marketing funnel differs based on industry or consumer behavior, Choose Life Marketing utilizes a simple and effective marketing funnel for pregnancy centers consisting of three marketing strategies that help push people down towards conversion. These three stages include:

The key is to move your target down the funnel by first making them aware of your center, then showcasing your center as a solution, and finally making a compelling case to use your services and support and drive conversion. While you won’t catch every woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, the marketing funnel allows you to catch as many as you can and direct them to the support they are looking for.


Now for the first step: social media! Social media is way more than pretty graphics, but those are great too! The tool of social media builds awareness and allows your center to engage women right where they’re at as you continue to build your brand. Social media is your accelerator of word of mouth. For many years, pregnancy centers relied heavily on word of mouth as one person shared about your services with another. Now, you have social media to help with that, and you can reach many more people through this platform!

By using social media, you are reaching women before they even know they need your services. Many times, social media is the first glimpse women get into what your center is about and the services you offer. Every pregnancy center should be active on social media these days, as it’s an easy way to reach and interact with your target audience

The best social media platforms to reach Gen Z abortion-minded women are Instagram and TikTok based on their user demographics. We still recommend having a Facebook page as the youngest Millennials (late 20’s) still use Facebook, and Facebook still has the largest number of active users in the world. We recommend starting off with Instagram and Facebook and fine-tuning your reach from there. All three of these platforms are great to start building your following online.

Steps to Getting Started With Social

There may be a million ideas running through your brain about what kind of social media posts to create and all the management that comes with that. If you’re new to social media, here are some effective tips to keep in mind when creating content for your accounts:

  • Create both service-related posts and engagement posts (like holiday highlights, self-care tips, women’s health information, inspirational quotes, fun facts, and more)
  • Follow the 80/20 rule for social media, where 80% of your content informs, educates, and entertains, and 20% of your content promotes your center’s services.
  • Use your brand colors and fonts and be consistent with them for each social post
  • Include a call to action at the end of your service-related posts to drive women to your website to learn more about your center and schedule an appointment
  • Keep your donor and client social media content separate. Client social media should be neutral to attract abortion-minded women. Steer clear of using any pro-life or religious material, such as Bible verses, pregnant bellies, or baby pictures on your client accounts.
  • Little details make a difference! Always utilize hashtags and location tagging in your strategy to increase your chances of the target audience discovering your content.


Social media is the first stage your audience travels through to get to conversion, inviting abortion-minded women to use your services and beyond. So how do you do social media right? While it takes trial and error, utilize a strategy action plan. This way, this first step of the marketing funnel is done right and creates the best results.

You will also want to monitor your accounts and use a test and learn strategy to optimize your social media content. By looking at insights and analytics, you will find opportunities to boost posts or run ads on your most successful content. Continuously optimizing your page by performance will increase your social media visibility in social media algorithms, and better cater to your target’s interests. You will also want to document any underperforming content, and try to avoid posting similar content in the future. Monitor for messages and comments, and be sure to engage with other accounts and users to gain more followers.

If you need additional support with your social media, our team at Choose Life Marketing can help create social media plans for you each month, including graphics, content and assisting you with ad campaigns and boosting. Talk to us today to learn more about how to get started with a social media strategy action plan to boost awareness for your center.

Give us a call at 573-445-9295, email us at, or visit our website at to learn more about how we can help!

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