3 Ways To Reach Women Seeking The Abortion Pill Online

Now more than ever, it’s easier for women to find the abortion pill online.

The FDA recently announced a policy change due to COVID-19 that allows women using telemedicine to order the abortion pill online and have it delivered through the mail instead of requiring an in-person visit to a doctor’s office or clinic. This policy change is so dangerous to women’s health, as more women are taking the abortion pill without any supervision or understanding of the risks.

Women are in their most vulnerable state when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. How do you reach them before abortion pill providers do? Create a plan of action for for best reaching those seeking abortion pill information. While these FDA changes are working to take advantage of women, our mission and goal should always be to empower and inform women in this fight for life.

Reach Women Seeking The Abortion Pill Online

What better place to reach women than where they are: online! Women are constantly searching for answers to their pregnancy questions, pregnancy options, and support. Create content that warns women of the detrimental effect of abortion pills and purchasing the abortion pill online. Women deserve real and honest information. The more you are intentional about your online marketing strategy, the better you are seen online.

While the abortion industry is fighting to stay at the top of Google, we can combat this by stepping up our online marketing tactics. Here are some of the ways you can start locally implementing this strategy for your center, and reach the abortion-minded woman before the abortion clinics and abortion pill providers:

1. Promote Free Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

One of the great advantages we have as pregnancy centers is to offer our free pregnancy services! Before a woman chooses her pregnancy option, she first needs to confirm her pregnancy. This is the perfect opportunity for us to reach her before she takes the abortion pill and educate her about the risks of abortion and ordering these pills online. Not only that, but we can encourage her where she is at and give her the support and confidential care she needs to make a confident decision.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO, search engine optimization is the key to ranking on top of Google and effectively reaching the abortion-minded woman before your competitors. What women search for every day for their pregnancy questions are known as keywords, the words they type in Google. By knowing what these top keywords are, you can optimize your content to meet women where they are and rank high on top search engines. Things to incorporate SEO into are:

• Blogs

Blogging for SEO helps incorporate keywords with great education and information about what your target audience of women are searching for online. Things like “When do I take a pregnancy test” or “Most common pregnancy symptoms” could be great topics to write about. You can do research ahead of time to plan relevant content every month to continue to rank high in Google.

• Your Website

Utilize on-page SEO by researching and optimizing your website for specific keywords. With our team, we can do this research for you and use on-page SEO techniques and best practices. Your website needs regular updating when it comes to SEO. We can improve SEO on the pages of your site as well as the page speed and functionality of your site that will ultimately help lead women straight to your site.

• Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) posts are a great way to incorporate local SEO strategy, targeting women right in your city and surrounding areas. It puts your center on the map! Women in your area are more likely to come across your center if they are searching related keywords.

If you need extra support creating an effective SEO strategy for your center, please reach out to Choose Life Marketing. Our team wants to help put you in front of the women you are hoping to reach.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a great marketing tool to reach the abortion-minded woman online through paid advertising. With keyword-specific ads, you target those searching for your specific services and information. It also puts your center at the top of search engines and popular websites.

Two different PPC methods are Paid Search Text Ads and Responsive Display Ads. Paid Search Text Ads normally show up in the first few search engine results with what women in your area are looking for. Using ad copy and optimized landing pages, you can direct women to click on the ad and hopefully make an appointment at your center! Responsive Display Ads are graphics that are used on your site, blogs, and more. These display ads help increase awareness and inspire women to click on a landing page to learn more.

Pivot Your Strategy As Necessary

This abortion pill policy change is not surprising, as the abortion industry is always seeking to take more ground. One thing we can do as pregnancy centers and those in the fight for life is to stay current with top marketing strategies and try our best to reach her before they do.

By creating strategic content that is empowering and supportive, women will feel the heart behind everything you put out online. Women have a way of knowing if words are real or not. Good thing, our mission is full of love and honesty, with the best interest of the woman and her baby in mind. May we think of her as we continue to adjust to better ways of doing things online. Stay strong and persistent in the fight for life. Women, men, and babies are being saved because of your yes.

We would love to help you in your goal of reaching the abortion-minded woman online! Contact us to learn more about what marketing services you could incorporate today to get on top of Google and direct women to your services. We would love to talk.

Give us a call at 573-445-9295 or email us at info@chooselifemarketing.com to learn more about how we can help!

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