The Why Behind Social Media, and Best Practices

Social media matters when it comes to improving your online visibility, community awareness, and reputation. Every pregnancy center or clinic should have client social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook and post regularly to them.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

Before we talk about how to get started on social media, here are just five reasons social media matters for your pregnancy center.

1. It’s a Daily Opportunity to Reach Potential Clients.

Your potential clients spend A TON of time on social media. The average internet user spends about 147 minutes on social media every single day. This means your center has a daily two-hour window to try to capture your target demographic’s attention through engaging and informative posts. Having a presence where your clients spend their time is a must.

2. Your Center Must Compete with Abortion Clinics.

Marketing can sometimes feel like keeping up with the Joneses. But the simple fact is this: Planned Parenthood and local abortion clinics are on social media.

If you can build relationships with women online, you can become top-of-mind for them (instead of major abortion chains around the country). If you want to compete, you need to be where your competitors are to help women see they have other options for resources, services, and guidance.

3. It Builds Community Awareness.

A common pain point we hear from pregnancy centers is their lack of community awareness. Women at local high schools or colleges, as well as potential donors, may not know the center exists. Being on social media and using location tags, location-based hashtags, and posting about community events helps build awareness of your center on social media.

4. It Humanizes Your Pregnancy Center.

Women evaluating options for pregnancy service providers may click on your social media links from your website to get a better idea of who you are. If your social media accounts show your caring, professional, IT services or medical brand personality, they will have a better idea of what to expect and feel more comfortable reaching out for services.

If you have a following and they like your posts, that’s an even stronger selling point for them to make an appointment for services. They will see they can relate to you and even trust you based on your social media profile.

5. It’s an Effective Advertising Tool.

Running ads or boosted posts on social media can help you reach and engage with more women faster than with organic posting. You can run traffic ads, like/follow ads, and brand awareness ads. Having social media business accounts gives you these capabilities to help you reach more women through a paid investment of any size. If you’re trying to grow your TikTok account, this is the best site to buy your TikTok likes.

How Can I Get Started?

Getting started with social media is easier than you’d think for both Facebook and Instagram.

Download our free guide to keep reading and learn how to set up your accounts, along with best practices for creating content and managing your social media presence.

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