Digital Marketing Services for Pregnancy Centers and Pro-Life Organizations

Choose Life Marketing offers a set of marketing services proven to help pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations reach their goals. Our team of creative strategists are constantly learning as tactics develop and change to stay on top of marketing trends and strategies that work for reaching more of your target audience.

Social Media

Social media is proven to effectively raise awareness for pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations when properly utilized. Our digital strategists can brainstorm and create posts for your social media accounts that will engage more of your target audience.
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Paid Search

With paid search, you can reach members of your target audience that may not know about your organization. Our search marketing specialists utilize frequently queried keywords to develop effective ad copy and landing pages for your organization.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring your website is following current best practices in order to rank high organically on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our search marketing specialists know how to bring your website to the next level to help you reach more of your target audience.
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Blogging regularly brings fresh, engaging content to your website, which helps you build credibility with your target audience. Our content specialists develop relevant, engaging blog content based on keyword research and best blogging practices.
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Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways for you to reach donors and pro-life supporters with your message and needs. Our graphic designers and content specialists work together to develop an email marketing strategy to help you reach your goals.
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Facebook retargeting provides another point of contact between you and members of your target audience. With retargeting, those who have visited your website or are in your email list will be served ads across Facebook and other social media platforms to remind those visitors of your organization.
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Video Marketing

Video marketing is only gaining traction in terms of effectiveness. Video is highly impactful for use across social media, in donor appeals, on your website, and more. We can develop video concepts and create videos for your organization that reflect your goals and reach your target audience.
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