10 Key Takeaways about Pregnancy Center Marketing from 2018

Marketing tactics and strategies are constantly changing, and that’s no different for pregnancy centers. Strategies shift because tactics and audiences do, and learning about those changes help your center build a better marketing strategy for 2019. Here are the 10 key takeaways about pregnancy center marketing from 2018:

1. Effective Marketing is Only the First Step

Effective marketing tactics are only one step to reaching abortion-determined women. In order to properly utilize this method, your center must be equipped to convert women into clients through phone calls, text messages, or emails. Focus training is valuable and effective to helping you convert more women. For more information on Focus training, email info@chooselifemarketing.com.

2. Retargeting is Unstable

For pregnancy centers, Google’s retargeting method is unstable because of its criteria regarding not assuming hardships, containing medical information or using the term “abortion.” While in the past we could effectively market using this tactic, Google’s review process has been inconsistent and disapproving retargeting and display ads more often than approving them.

3. Google Grants are Effective for Specific Situations

Google Ad Grants are not effective for every center. Their effectiveness is hyper-specific to cost-per-click and certain geographical areas of the country. While we have had success running grants in highly competitive areas, Google will rarely garner adequate impressions because the platform favors those who are paying for ads.

4. Videos Make a Difference

Videos and storytelling will garner the most engagement across social media platforms. We recommend using them more often in 2019.

5. Top Social Media Platforms are Shifting

While Facebook is still relevant, Instagram and Snapchat are coming more and more into play when it comes to reaching abortion-minded women. Utilizing these platforms can help all in the gaps and give you an edge when reaching millennials and Generation Z.

6. Google My Business Matters

Now that Google My Business has introduced posting, focusing on a posting strategy matters for garnering website traffic and improving SEO efforts for your center.

7. SSL Certificates are Essential

SSL Certificates positively affect your website’s SEO, while not having one could negatively impact your SEO efforts. Additionally, if you are taking in client or donor information through your website, an SSL Certificate will protect that data. It is worth the cost to consider adding an SSL Certificate to your center’s website.

8. Strategy Counts (Not New, but Important to Remember)

All of the marketing tactics you use should work together for the same overall strategic goal. Utilizing a tactic here and a tactic there will not be as impactful for drawing more abortion-minded women to your center. Consider utilizing a fully-integrated marketing strategy with goals for 2019.

9. Facebook Partners with Dating Apps

Dating apps like Tinder are partners with social media platforms like Facebook, which means you can utilize Facebook Ads to target women using dating apps like Tinder with specific messaging.

10. Segmenting Donor Emails is Important

For specific events like banquets and year-end giving, segmented donor campaigns can help you intimately connect with your donor base in a strategic way. You can also boost your donor email campaign by adding on Facebook retargeting.

These key takeaways for pregnancy center marketing can help you establish an effective marketing strategy for the new year. If you want to implement effective tactics for your pregnancy center, contact the specialists at Choose Life Marketing.

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