Digital Marketing: How Do I Know If It’s Working?

At some point, we all ask this question about our marketing: Is it working? 

According to SocialBoosting digital marketing involves investing time and money, and pregnancy centers want to ensure each dollar is being spent in the most impactful way possible.

This FREE guide shares key indicators of success across a variety of digital marketing methods, so you can determine if your marketing is working and uncover areas for improvement. A Web 2.0 video review will help you improve your marketing tools. The digital marketing companies are offering different services that may help you with your marketing needs. You can visit the Digital Marketing Company | Candy Marketing online page if you are interested in learning about the services they offer.


Digital Marketing: Organic Considerations

Organic marketing refers to marketing strategies that do not require additional payment as advertising does. It’s all about creating and posting valuable content to build connections and brand awareness with your target audience.

For best organic marketing results, make sure you are staying consistent with your efforts. It will take time, but it’s worth the investment.

Social Media

Pregnancy centers across the country have embraced social media as a way to spread awareness by having a presence where potential clients spend their time. Gen Zers spend about 2 hours and 43 minutes on social media each day, and there isn’t any indication of them logging out anytime soon. 

Followers or Page Likes

One obvious key performance indicator for social media is the number of your followers or page likes. This should be steadily increasing over time. However, paid ads can speed up the process. Monitor this on a regular basis to see if your following is growing.

Post Performance

Review your social media insights to see which posts received the most engagement. Facebook and Instagram will tell you over a set time period which posts performed the best.

Look for similarities among posts with the top engagement. Did they include a particular image? Did they highlight a center employee? Were they about current events? 

Curiosity and investigation will help improve and refine your ongoing content strategy.


Since social media is at the top of the marketing funnel, women may learn about you on social media. This is exactly what should be happening, even if they don’t follow you right away.

You should check and see if your posts are expanding beyond your current followers. Instagram will provide data for each post on accounts reached and how many were followers and non-followers. This will give you an idea of if your posts are using the right hashtags and location tags to reach beyond your current followers.

Donor Email Campaigns

We all can have a sense of email overload sometimes. An excellent email campaign will cut through the clutter and receive donations. Here’s what to look for.

Opens and Clicks

You want as many email opens and clicks as possible. This shows interest in your content. Track opens and clicks over time and see if they are increasing.

If you’re seeing opens and clicks decline as you continue your campaign it could be because…

  • You’re sending too many (or too few) emails.
  • Your subject line isn’t grabbing attention.
  • Your messaging is too similar or not personalized enough.


If your email campaign is all about donations and you have a goal in mind, then this will be the greatest indicator of success. To really focus your campaign, set up a landing page specifically for collecting donations. This will allow you to track success much easier.

For donations you receive on your website or in the mail near the time that you sent your email, check and see if you emailed the donor from your campaign. This donation could still be tied to your email campaign.


There is always a cost to sending emails: unsubscribes. Most emails will result in a few unsubscribes. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. 

Make sure this number remains low and stable, without spikes. A spike in unsubscribes could be due to the content of your email or a sign you have been emailing the recipients too much.

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