Why Your Center Needs SEO

Are you struggling to reach the abortion-minded woman online? You may already know who your target audience is, but you know something is missing from your online marketing strategy. 

You are not alone, as many centers struggle to close the gap between themselves and their potential clients. 

Did you know Google has already received 360 billion searches this year (and counting)? With the tool of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your center has the potential to reach so many people searching for answers online. SEO is an online marketing tool that does a lot of the middle work for you, while helping you understand what exactly your target audience is searching for in your area. Marketing is all about understanding the market, your target audience and how best to get their attention which requires experience. Luckily, this Marketing Agency Peoria IL here can help you stand out from other digital marketing agencies.

As women are searching for answers to their unplanned pregnancies every day online, SEO works as a marketing tool during the client’s consideration stage—a vital stage in their pregnancy journey. 

With the right SEO strategy and monthly investment, you will start to see real results online and more abortion-minded women walk through your center’s doors.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s much simpler than it may sound. SEO is the process of improving your website into Mobile-friendly websites to increase your center’s visibility online when women search for your services on Google or other search engines. When your visibility increases in the search engines, the better the chance you have of reaching potential clients. You can also ask help from this website designer for tradesman here!

Search Engine Optimization is how marketers tell search engines what your center and website are about (through website content, development, and design). This is a great marketing tool for your website to generate lots of traffic if done right. 

When you hire an seo agency to follow good SEO practices online, it can also increase the quality of your website by making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. 

Why Is SEO Important for Pregnancy Centers?

There are thousands of women searching online across the globe every day, looking for abortion and pregnancy-related keywords. The amazing opportunity with SEO is that it brings women who may not have heard of your center to your website when they need your services the most.

While there are so many SEO benefits, we want to break it down into three main reasons why your pregnancy center needs SEO:

1. Stay in the Game with Competitors

In the pro-life movement, pregnancy resource centers are competing for visibility online with organizations like Planned Parenthood and other “so-called” women’s health centers. To stay in the game with competitors, SEO is a must-have marketing tool. 

Great SEO-optimized content can potentially direct a woman to choose your center to confirm her pregnancy and learn about all her pregnancy options and support. It’s a vital marketing tool to combat the lies abortion clinics are putting online.

2. Builds Your Brand Credibility

Credibility is everything these days, especially with the rise of misinformation. Hiring รับทำ seo ราคาถูก to create quality SEO optimized content including keyword research, blogging, mobile optimization, and more indicates to Google that your site can be trusted. Once this happens and your center’s impressions, traffic, and conversions increase, Google starts to note your company as an authoritative source. This makes your content more likely to rank at the top of search results!

3. Brings In Organic Traffic

Did you know 53% of website traffic comes from organic search? So if you’re on a budget and have less time to spend on paid campaigns, SEO could be for you. 

With the right SEO strategy, you will see an increase in traffic to your website and hopefully to your center! The more exposure your center gets with effective SEO, the more women you reach and potential new target audiences you could reach as well.

Not Impacted by Google Advertising Changes

The complex tool of Google advertising is ever-changing, so you may be wondering if this affects SEO? SEO and Google Ads are two different marketing tools, using a similar method to attract clients through keyword optimization. 

Though Google changes its advertising guidelines somewhat frequently, SEO is NOT impacted by this because it works to reach organic traffic, not paid traffic. Businesses that use Google Ads pay each time a person clicks on their ads (paid traffic). This is not the case with SEO and is one of the great benefits. This means SEO is a stable long-term strategy centers can implement. 

SEO: A Long Game

Just like any marketing strategy, SEO takes time to master, involving lots of trial and error to realize great results and traffic online! Organic traffic competitors can be fierce, and this is why content quality is also just as important as strategy. Try your best to always prioritize quality over speed.

There are different pillars of SEO including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. An excellent SEO strategy takes all of these pillars into account. 

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing the pages of your website with keywords to improve online search visibility. Off-page SEO is any step to impact your rankings outside of your website. Lastly, technical SEO is a more in-depth process of optimizing your website to help search engines find your site through crawling, indexing, and more.

Some optimized content to create now or in the future could include:

  • Website content (including image alt tags, internal links, keywords, etc.)
  • Long-form blogs
  • Video content
  • Social media linked to your website

SEO Is a Monthly (Not a One-Time) Investment

Like we mentioned earlier, SEO is a marathon not a sprint. It’s important to invest in monthly SEO optimization to get the full benefits of this tool. If you want to always rank high on Google and other search engines’ results pages, SEO will always be something you do and continue to improve. We promise it gets easier to understand and tweak as you go! 

Work with SEO Experts Today

If you are looking to succeed in the long run, with more time to run your pregnancy resource center and less time to do all the marketing yourself, we are here to help. 

Our team of SEO experts researches the keywords and phrases your competitors are using, and keeps this in mind during the optimization process. We will strategize how to incorporate keywords into your website and help you rank higher than your competitors!

A great SEO process requires time, strategy, and management. At Choose Life Marketing, our team is equipped to bring your online presence a step ahead with an effective SEO strategy for your center.

Reach out to us to begin reaching more abortion-minded women today! We would love to connect with you.

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