Tips For Increasing Facebook Likes & Instagram Followers

Social media is one of the top avenues for reaching a pregnancy center’s target audience of women ages 18 to 24. Not only does it allow you to establish your online presence, but it also offers you the chance to engage with these women
and establish a relationship. It’s an important first step to having them make an appointment for services. But, before all of that, you need to get them to follow your account! Here, we’ll provide you with some tips to increase your followers on Facebook and Instagram.

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Marketing Materials You Need For a Successful Donor Banquet

Donor banquets are a big deal for most pregnancy centers. Many of the marketing materials required for donor banquets need a lot of thought and creativity in order to be well-executed, so now is the time to start putting together everything you need to host your PHC’s donor banquet. Here’s a list of the most effective marketing materials for a successful donor banquet for your PHC.

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Get Your PHC Back-to-School Ready

As colleges and universities prepare for incoming students, so should your PHC. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few tactics you can implement to ensure your PHC is fully prepared to reach as many abortion-minded students as possible during this upcoming school year. We’ll go in-depth and talk about the tactics we recommend, why they matter, and how students are lead to call or schedule an appointment with your center because of them.

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#GivingTuesday Social Media Best Practices

#GivingTuesday, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, has seen tremendous growth in the last several years. Billed as the national social media day of giving, it promotes online donations to nonprofits after several days of commercialized “getting.” Here’s a list of best practices to can make the most of this year’s #GivingTuesday.

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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2019

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is quickly approaching and falls on January 20, 2019. Whether your PHC has partnered with local churches for many years or this is new territory, learning best practices can help increase the potential for aquiring new donors and prayer partners, as well as spreading the message about the services you offer within your community.

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How Snapchat is Relevant to PHCs

Snapchat is one of the most popular forms of social media available today. It may seem overwhelming to dive into advertising through it if you don’t understand the platform or how it works. We’ve created this guide to take you through the world of Snapchat advertising, and how it can be crucial to reaching more abortion-minded women.

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