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While pregnancy centers offer top-quality care and support for women all over the United States, sometimes marketing takes a backseat. It’s easy to let marketing slip in the hustle of serving women, but an effective strategy makes an enormous difference in attracting and engaging more clients and donors.

How is your center doing?

This week, we put together a list of questions and a checklist to go through every aspect of your pregnancy center’s marketing. Download it for free today!

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The Case for Including Abortion Terms in Your Center’s Advertising

Pregnancy Centers work day in and day out to empower women to choose life, so why mention abortion in advertising? The pros of mentioning abortion in advertising far outweigh the cons. Our FREE guide addresses the questions pregnancy centers often ask us about using abortion keywords in marketing and covers the top reasons to include abortion terms as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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Marketing Tactics to Raise Awareness for Your Center

One of the worst mistakes you could ever make is keeping your pregnancy center your community’s best kept secret. To reach both those considering abortion and new donors to help support your mission, you need to make yourself known through marketing well – in smart, strategic ways. 

In this FREE guide, we’ll walk you through the best ways to create a positive buzz about what you’re doing and help more women learn about your services.

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Youtube Ad Optimization

In last week’s marketing guide eblast, we shared information and strategies about the top platforms where Generation Z spends time. Remember, the goal of being on social media is to reach your target audience – women who are considering abortion who need to know about life-affirming alternatives.

This week, we’re diving deeper into one of those platforms: YouTube. Because this platform is so popular AND it functions as an additional search engine, it’s important to not just have a presence on YouTube, but also to have a strategic presence.  To learn more about optimizing YouTube ads to reach more abortion-minded women, please download our free guide today.

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An Overview of Facebook Advertising

Are you currently advertising on Facebook? Or, have you thought about it, but you haven’t quite dipped your toes in the water to try it? Whether it’s to promote your services or share about an upcoming event, you know that friends of your center use Facebook and it can be an effective way to advertise. But, do you know the best ways to do this?

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How Snapchat can Help You Reach Teens During Prom Season

With prom season coming up, many centers are wondering how they can reach high school students who find themselves pregnant a few weeks afterwards. According to Psychology Today, in a study that surveyed nearly 13,000 high school students nationwide, 14 percent of girls said they had sex on prom night. Over half of those surveyed reported alcohol consumption, which can lead to lowered inhibitions and increased chance of sexual assault. All
of this indicates that there are girls who will need your center’s help and guidance following prom night.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Google Ads Setup for PHCs

Paid Search is an excellent tool for PHCs to reach more abortion-minded women – but it isn’t effective if you don’t know how to set up a campaign. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you exactly how to set up a Paid Search campaign so that you can take advantage of Google Ads for your PHC.

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How Snapchat is Relevant to PHCs

Snapchat is one of the most popular forms of social media available today. It may seem overwhelming to dive into advertising through it if you don’t understand the platform or how it works. We’ve created this guide to take you through the world of Snapchat advertising, and how it can be crucial to reaching more abortion-minded women.

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Google Ad Grant Pros and Cons

Google Grants offer $10,000 a month to nonprofit organizations to promote their services, which makes them potentially valuable to PHCs across the country and around the
world. Here is a guide to help you navigate the pros and cons of a PPC Google Grant.

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