Reaching Gen Z: Creating Effective Instagram Posts

 If you are looking for the best social channel to reach abortion-minded Gen Z women, Instagram is your clear winner. Gen Z is Instagram’s largest user base with 75% of the U.S. population aged 18-24 using the highly visual platform. To reach Gen Z, you need to meet them where they are and deliver highly engaging content that resonates with them.

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Learning from Generation Z: What Works, What Doesn’t & Everything In Between

We have the opportunity to work with many pregnancy centers across the country. Most frequently they share their desire to reach the abortion minded and have found it is a challenge to reach them first to offer life-affirming choices before a pregnant woman steps into an abortion clinic. Our heart and mission is to help centers reach women before they walk through those doors. As you know, the target demographic you want to reach doesn’t change – but their habits and how they receive information has changed drastically over the decades.

Gen Z is your target audience. This generation was born between 1996 and 2014. They have never known life without the internet or smart phones and they are used to consuming lots of information instantly and constantly. Without a doubt, in order to get in front of this demographic, you need to have a digital presence.

In this download, we take a deep dive into what it means to be a member of Gen Z. We questioned some teens and young adults who are part of Gen Z and hope their answers are enlightening to you as you plan your marketing strategies to reach them more effectively!

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Platforms for Reaching Generation Z

Each generation has its own defining attributes, styles of communication, and lifestyle preferences. As technology has advanced, younger generations have become more savvy and more technologically fluent. While Millennials grew up with emerging technology, Generation Z is unique in that it has never known a time without iPhones, social media, and instant connection via the internet. For years, your primary client audience has been Millennials. Like all of us, they are aging! Older Millennials are well into their 30s. Because they grew up during a period of time with great technological changes, it’s become common to associate “Millennial” as “young, techy people,” or just young people in general. But remember, Millennials are getting older and a new audience you must focus more attention on is Generation Z. Today, we’ll look briefly at some distinctions between the two generations and then explore the platforms where Generation Z spends most of their time. This guide will take you through how to engage well on each of these platforms to increase the effectiveness of your communication with Gen Z.

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An Overlooked but Highly-Valuable Way to Reach More Millennials and Gen Z Clients

Millennials and Gen Z live online and connected to their devices, but that’s not where they want to see advertisements. While many will still respond to ads and posts online, to truly reach these generations effectively, you’ll want to diversify your marketing to reach them in other places as well. In this guide, we’ll walk you through strategic marketing tactics you can use to let more people in these generations know about your services and that you’re there to support them!

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