The Ultimate End-of-Year Marketing Plan

Your end-of-year marketing and fundraising efforts can make a significant difference for next year’s budget. That’s why an effective marketing plan is so critical. You want to ensure you are doing all you can and making the most of every opportunity to raise funds. This ultimate end-of-year marketing plan corresponds with our end-of-year package, but … Continued

How to Successfully Diversify Your Marketing Plan 

When it comes to marketing, it can feel like there are too many options. There are too many trends, too many platforms, too many strategies… too many things to think about, right?  However, with Big Tech censorship and favoritism, reaching abortion-minded women with only one strategy or on just one platform can risk messaging delays … Continued

FREE Easter Graphic – Our Gift To You

Happy Easter! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. His death on the cross and ultimate resurrection bought our redemption. It’s because of Him that we do what we do. Please enjoy this free Easter social media graphic to post on your donor social media accounts.

Donor Christmas Video $99 special just for your center!

Donor Christmas Video $99 special just for your center!

The Christmas season is right around the corner—a time of peace and joy as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! Many of you are beginning to roll out your year-end giving plans in efforts to reach donors and raise funds for the important work you do. Choose Life Marketing has created a powerful Christmas … Continued

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2019

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is quickly approaching and falls on January 20, 2019. Whether your PHC has partnered with local churches for many years or this is new territory, learning best practices can help increase the potential for aquiring new donors and prayer partners, as well as spreading the message about the services you … Continued