Are You Prepared For The Year-End Donor Season?

The end of the year can get very busy! Have you made your plan for year-end giving? Don’t get overwhelmed making your plan. In this guide, we offer a big-picture look at how you can successfully plan and execute a year-end giving campaign to raise funds for your center.

How to Write an Effective Donor Appeal

Building a solid, dependable donor base is crucial to the longevity of any pregnancy center. This is done by understanding how to speak to donors and knowing what matters to them. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to write an effective donor appeal. These practices can be applied to appeal letters, email campaigns, other donor-facing … Continued

Marketing Materials You Need For a Successful Donor Banquet

Donor banquets are a big deal for most pregnancy centers. Many of the marketing materials required for donor banquets need a lot of thought and creativity in order to be well-executed, so now is the time to start putting together everything you need to host your PHC’s donor banquet. Here’s a list of the most … Continued

How to Handle Donor Giving Fatigue

Did you know that there are approximately 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States? While this shows true generosity, it can also mean that 1.5 million organizations are vying for people’s attention and contributions throughout the year. How do you reach your donor audience in a way that won’t fatigue them? In this guide, we’ll … Continued