How to Optimize for Voice Search

Have you used voice search lately? Abortion-minded women around you, especially those who are younger, probably have. If you aren’t an early adopter of this growing trend, chances are that you’ll be joining in soon. Similar to the way Google cornered the search engine market with such overwhelming force that the brand is now synonymous … Continued

Why Directory Listings Matter

Google is the number one most used search engine in the world. Since its usage is so prevalent, it makes sense that abortion-minded women who are searching for unexpected pregnancy help will do so on Google. It is so important that you properly optimize your pregnancy center through various popular directories so that they will … Continued

Website Best Practices for Pregnancy Centers

Reaching each audience with its appropriate message is a challenge that any organization faces, and for pregnancy centers, this can be even more difficult. Pregnancy centers seek to communicate with two very different demographics – clients and donors. Because the messaging for each audience is so distinctive, pregnancy centers must create separate websites in order … Continued